Asm Water, Parks and Wildlife Bills - 04/08/2021

Bills Returned: 19
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-63 Marine resources: Marine Managed Areas Improvement Act: restoration activities. Petrie-Norris Assembly - Appropriations
AB-223 Wildlife: dudleya: taking and possession. Ward Assembly - Appropriations
AB-252 Department of Conservation: Multibenefit Land Repurposing Incentive Program: administration. Robert Rivas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-303 Aquaculture: mariculture production and restoration: pilot program. Robert Rivas Assembly - Natural Resources
AB-315 Voluntary stream restoration property owner liability: indemnification. Stone Assembly - Judiciary
AB-379 Wildlife conservation: conservation lands. Gallagher Assembly - Appropriations
AB-517 California State Safe Harbor Agreement Program Act: notice. Megan Dahle Assembly - Appropriations
AB-534 Fishing: ropeless fishing gear. Bonta Assembly - Water, Parks and Wildlife
AB-542 State parks: park entrance fees: waivers: 4th grade children. Mathis Assembly - Appropriations
AB-554 Department of Fish and Wildlife: Office of the Ombudsperson. Mathis Assembly - Appropriations
AB-614 Wildlife habitat: birds. Aguiar-Curry Assembly - Appropriations
AB-645 Fish and wildlife: poaching: penalties: probation period. Gallagher Assembly - Appropriations
AB-692 Lake Wohlford Dam: grant funding: liquidation. Waldron Assembly - Appropriations
AB-804 Free hunting days. Megan Dahle Assembly - Appropriations
AB-817 Sport fishing licenses: electronic display: 12-consecutive-month licenses. Wood Assembly - Appropriations
AB-850 City property: sale of water utility property. Gallagher Assembly - Local Government
AB-878 Wildlife resources: natural community conservation plans: public review and comment. Megan Dahle Assembly - Appropriations
AB-921 Flood protection: City of West Sacramento flood risk reduction project. McCarty Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1500 Safe Drinking Water, Wildfire Prevention, Drought Preparation, Flood Protection, Extreme Heat Mitigation, and Workforce Development Bond Act of 2022. Eduardo Garcia Assembly - Natural Resources