Asm Judiciary Bills - 04/17/2018

Bills Returned: 21
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-1949 Explosives: flamethrowing devices. Santiago Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-1980 Statute of limitations: hazardous materials. Quirk Chaptered
AB-2185 Civil actions: appointment of guardian ad litem. Chiu Chaptered
AB-2340 Nonminor dependents: victims of sexual trafficking. Friedman Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-2343 Real property: possession: unlawful detainer. Chiu Chaptered
AB-2366 Employment: victims of sexual harassment: protections. Bonta Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-2446 Courts: judgeships. Obernolte Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-2496 Janitorial employees: employment status: burden of proof. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed
AB-2618 Hiring of real property: Department of Consumer Affairs: landlords and property managers: training. Bonta Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-2636 Attorney General: Environmental Justice Fund. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Died - Environmental Quality
AB-2732 Employment: unfair immigration-related practices: janitorial workers: sexual violence and harassment prevention training. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed
AB-2786 Child abuse or neglect detection training. Chau Assembly - Died - Judiciary
AB-2802 Insurance payments: interception. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2930 Unlawful detainer: nuisance: unlawful weapons and ammunition. Santiago Chaptered
AB-3082 In-home supportive services. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-3121 Evidentiary privileges: union agent-represented worker privilege. Kalra Senate - Died
AB-3176 Indian children. Waldron Chaptered
AB-3189 Consent by minors to treatment for intimate partner violence. Cooper Chaptered
AB-3211 Advance health care directives. Kalra Chaptered
AB-3212 Service member protections. Irwin Chaptered
SB-785 Evidence: immigration status. Wiener Chaptered