Asm Human Services Bills - 04/07/2021

Bills Returned: 25
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-221 Emergency food assistance. Santiago Senate - Human Services
AB-317 Foster care. Patterson Senate - Human Services
AB-366 Foster youth. Blanca Rubio Senate - Human Services
AB-413 Foster youth: housing. Ting Assembly - Appropriations
AB-445 Developmental services: information collection. Calderon Senate - Appropriations
AB-477 Child abuse multidisciplinary personnel team: children’s advocacy centers. Blanca Rubio Senate - Third Reading
AB-499 Referral source for residential care facilities for the elderly: duties. Blanca Rubio Senate - Human Services
AB-546 Dependent children: documents: housing. Maienschein Senate - Judiciary
AB-549 Nonminor dependents. Gipson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-568 Early learning and care. Robert Rivas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-670 Child abuse or neglect: minor and nonminor dependent parents. Calderon
AB-674 Dependent children: documents. Bennett Senate - Judiciary
AB-788 Juveniles: reunification. Calderon Senate - Judiciary
AB-829 Foster children: immigration counsel. Levine Senate - Human Services
AB-841 Dependant children. Cunningham Assembly - In Floor Process
AB-865 Childcare services: alternative payment programs: direct deposits: reserve funds. Quirk-Silva Senate - Education
AB-932 Cradle-to-Career Grant Program. Levine Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1004 CalWORKs eligibility: income exemption: census. Calderon Senate - Appropriations
AB-1006 Foster care: social worker turnover workgroup. Blanca Rubio Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1051 Medi-Cal: specialty mental health services: foster youth. Bennett Senate - Health
AB-1140 Foster care: rights. Robert Rivas Senate - Judiciary
AB-1294 Childcare: individualized county childcare subsidy plans. Quirk Senate - Education
AB-1326 Public social services: county liaison for higher education. Arambula Senate - Human Services
AB-1338 Public social services programs: financial assistance demonstration and research programs. Low Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1361 Childcare and developmental services: preschool: expulsion and suspension: mental health services: reimbursement rates. Blanca Rubio Assembly - Appropriations