Asm Higher Education Bills - 04/22/2021

Bills Returned: 18
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-75 Education finance: school facilities: Kindergarten-Community Colleges Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2022. O'Donnell Assembly - Appropriations
AB-99 Statewide longitudinal data system: California Cradle-to-Career Data System: governance and support. Irwin Assembly - Appropriations
AB-289 Classified school employees: merit system: adoption and termination. Calderon Assembly - Third Reading
AB-320 Teacher preparation programs: regionally accredited institutions. Medina Assembly - Appropriations
AB-367 Menstrual products. Cristina Garcia Assembly - Appropriations
AB-524 Postsecondary education: Campus-Recognized Sorority and Fraternity Transparency Act. Rodriguez Assembly - Third Reading
AB-730 Athlete agents: minor athletes: health and safety. Quirk-Silva Assembly - Third Reading
AB-756 California Kids Investment and Development Savings Program. Nazarian Assembly - Banking and Finance
AB-927 Public postsecondary education: community colleges: statewide baccalaureate degree program. Medina Assembly - Appropriations
AB-928 Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act of 2021: Associate Degree for Transfer Intersegmental Implementation Committee. Berman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1111 Postsecondary education: common course numbering system. Berman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1118 Postsecondary education: institutional financial aid. Low Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1185 Student financial aid: Cal Grant program. Cervantes Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1216 California Community Colleges: governing board membership: student members. Salas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1326 Public social services: county liaison for higher education. Arambula Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1417 Community colleges: providers of care for individuals with developmental disabilities: model curriculum for certification program. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1456 Student financial aid: Cal Grant Reform Act. Medina Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1467 Student safety: sexual assault procedures and protocols: sexual assault counselors. Cervantes Assembly - Appropriations