Asm Higher Education Bills - 04/08/2021

Bills Returned: 18
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-233 Public postsecondary education: University of California: admissions. Boerner Horvath Assembly - Appropriations
AB-396 CalFresh: educational programs. Gabriel Assembly - Human Services
AB-756 California Kids Investment and Development Savings Program. Nazarian Assembly - Higher Education
AB-775 Public postsecondary education: basic needs of students. Berman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-846 Local Agency Public Construction Act: job order contracting. Low Assembly - Appropriations
AB-940 College Mental Health Services Program. McCarty Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1002 Postsecondary education: course credit for prior military education, training, and service. Choi Assembly - Engrossing
AB-1040 Community colleges: ethnic studies. Muratsuchi Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1073 Community colleges: students enrolled in early childhood education or child development courses: fee waivers. Berman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1113 Public postsecondary education: exemption from tuition and fees: qualifying survivors of persons providing medical or emergency services deceased during COVID-19 California state of emergency. Medina Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1215 Public postsecondary education: University of California: admissions policy: systemwide protocols. McCarty Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1216 California Community Colleges: governing board membership: student members. Salas Assembly - Higher Education
AB-1269 Community colleges: part-time faculty. Cristina Garcia Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1290 Student Aid Commission. Lee Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1377 Student housing: California Student Housing Revolving Loan Fund Act of 2021: community college student housing. McCarty Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1383 Community colleges: academic employees: involuntary administrative leave. Carrillo Assembly - Third Reading
AB-1432 The California Online Community College. Low Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1491 Adult education: consortia: carryover of allocated funds. McCarty Assembly - Education