Asm Education Bills - 04/07/2021

Bills Returned: 17
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-22 Childcare: preschool programs and transitional kindergarten: enrollment: funding. McCarty Assembly - Appropriations
AB-75 Education finance: school facilities: Kindergarten-Community Colleges Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2022. O'Donnell Assembly - Appropriations
AB-99 Statewide longitudinal data system: California Cradle-to-Career Data System: governance and support. Irwin Assembly - Appropriations
AB-101 Pupil instruction: high school graduation requirements: ethnic studies. Medina Assembly - Appropriations
AB-469 Pupil instruction: financial aid applications. Reyes Assembly - Appropriations
AB-498 Teachers: Computer Science Access Initiative. Quirk-Silva Assembly - Appropriations
AB-520 Teacher retention: California Diversifying the Teacher Workforce Grant Program. Gipson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-586 Pupil health: health and mental health services: School Health Demonstration Project. O'Donnell Assembly - Appropriations
AB-599 Public schools: accountability: county superintendents of schools. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Pending Referral
AB-839 Career technical education: California Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program. O'Donnell Assembly - Appropriations
AB-945 Pupils: adornments at school graduation ceremonies: task force. Ramos Assembly - Appropriations
AB-967 Special education: COVID-19 Special Education Fund. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1055 Foster youth: tribal pupils. Ramos Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1112 Before and after school programs: maximum grant amounts. Carrillo Senate - Pending Referral
AB-1363 Childcare: dual language learners. Luz Rivas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1560 Distance learning: pupil access: computing devices and broadband internet service. Daly Assembly - Appropriations
ACR-53 Purple Star School Program. Ward Senate - Education