Sen Governance and Finance Bills - 04/22/2021

Bills Returned: 15
Measure Subject Author Status
SB-9 Housing development: approvals. Atkins Senate - Appropriations
SB-10 Planning and zoning: housing development: density. Wiener Senate - Appropriations
SB-328 Local educational agencies: before and after school programs: middle school and high school start time. Portantino Senate - Appropriations
SB-403 Drinking water: consolidation. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
SB-552 Drought planning: small water suppliers: nontransient noncommunity water systems. Hertzberg Senate - Appropriations
SB-556 Street light poles, traffic signal poles: small wireless facilities attachments. Dodd Senate - Appropriations
SB-679 Los Angeles County: affordable housing. Kamlager Senate - Appropriations
SB-691 Personal Income Tax Law: Earned Income Tax Credit: Young Child Tax Credit. Rubio Senate - Appropriations
SB-712 Local government: California tribes: federal fee-to-trust applications to regain ancestral lands. Hueso Senate - Appropriations
SB-734 Redevelopment agencies: passthrough agreements: modification. Hueso Senate - Appropriations
SB-777 Insurance taxation: credit: California Jumpstart Act. Bradford Senate - Appropriations
SB-813 Local Government Omnibus Act of 2021. Committee on Governance and Finance Senate - Appropriations
SB-820 Horse racing: state-designated fairs: allocation of revenues: gross receipts for sales and use tax. Committee on Governmental Organization Senate - Appropriations
SB-824 California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. Committee on Governance and Finance Senate - Consent
SB-825 Tax and fee administration: local government finance. Committee on Governance and Finance Senate - Consent