Sen Public Safety Bills - 04/17/2018

Bills Returned: 21
Measure Subject Author Status
SB-934 Criminal justice: California Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant Program. Allen Senate - Appropriations
SB-976 Violent felonies. Bates Senate - Failed Passage in Committee
SB-1050 Exonerated inmates. Lara Enrolled
SB-1094 Wrongful convictions. Anderson Assembly - Appropriations
SB-1100 Firearms: transfers. Portantino Enrolled
SB-1138 Food options: plant-based meals. Skinner Chaptered
SB-1146 Prisoners: rights. Stone Assembly - Public Safety
SB-1190 Eugenics Sterilization Compensation Program. Skinner Assembly - Appropriations
SB-1200 Firearms: gun violence restraining orders. Skinner Enrolled
SB-1204 Pandering. Bates Senate - Failed Passage in Committee
SB-1219 Law enforcement: sharing data. Gaines Senate - Failed Passage in Committee
SB-1221 Schools: trespassing. Gaines Senate - Appropriations
SB-1272 Tax Recovery and Criminal Enforcement (TRaCE) Task Force. Galgiani Enrolled
SB-1279 Sentencing: double the base term. Bradford Assembly - Died
SB-1298 The Increasing Access to Employment Act. Skinner Senate - Appropriations
SB-1331 Peace officers: domestic violence training. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1382 Firearms: vehicle storage. Vidak Chaptered
SB-1390 Department of Motor Vehicles: records: confidentiality. Galgiani Senate - Appropriations
SB-1409 Industrial hemp. Wilk Enrolled
SB-1421 Peace officers: release of records. Skinner Enrolled
SB-1441 Animal cruelty: declawing. Stern Senate - Failed Passage in Committee