Sen Judiciary Bills - 05/22/2020

Bills Returned: 16
Measure Subject Author Status
SB-890 Privacy: video recording of a crime: social media. Pan Senate - Judiciary
SB-898 Enforcement of judgments: exemptions. Wieckowski Senate - Second Reading
SB-915 Mobilehome parks: emergency relief: coronavirus (COVID-19). Leyva Senate - Appropriations
SB-939 Emergencies: COVID-19: commercial tenancies: evictions. Wiener Senate - Appropriations
SB-980 Privacy: DNA or illness testing companies. Umberg Senate - Appropriations
SB-999 Mobilehome park residencies: rent control: exemption: COVID-19. Umberg Senate - Third Reading
SB-1003 Skateboard parks: other wheeled recreational devices: safety and liability. Jones Senate - Consent
SB-1079 Residential property: foreclosure. Skinner Senate - Appropriations
SB-1105 Civil actions: settlement. Umberg Senate - Consent
SB-1141 Domestic violence: coercive control. Rubio Senate - Appropriations
SB-1146 Civil procedure: electronic filing and remote depositions. Umberg Senate - Consent
SB-1148 Mortgages and deeds of trust: foreclosure. Jones Senate - Consent
SB-1157 Tenancy: credit reporting: lower income households. Bradford Senate - Third Reading
SB-1190 Tenancy: termination. Durazo Senate - Appropriations
SB-1305 Revocable transfer on death deeds. Roth Senate - Consent
SB-1371 Maintenance of the codes. Committee on Judiciary Senate - Consent