Sen Education Bills - 06/13/2018

Bills Returned: 35
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-1744 After school programs: substance use prevention: funding: cannabis revenue. McCarty Senate - Died - Appropriations
AB-1786 Community colleges: academic credit for prior military experience. Cervantes Chaptered
AB-1868 Pupil instruction: sexual health education: sexually suggestive or sexually explicit materials. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-1871 Charter schools: free and reduced-price meals. Bonta Chaptered
AB-1895 California DREAM Loan Program: repayment, deferment, and forbearance. Calderon Chaptered
AB-1935 Community colleges: tutoring. Irwin Senate - Died - Appropriations
AB-1974 Pupils: collection of debt. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-2012 School and community college employees: parental leave. Medina Chaptered
AB-2031 Public contracts: school facility projects: bidding requirements. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-2098 Adult Education Block Grant Program: immigration integration. McCarty Chaptered
AB-2128 School employees: dismissal or suspension: hearings: evidence. Kiley Chaptered
AB-2168 Special education: teachers: grant program. Thurmond Vetoed
AB-2235 County community schools: funding. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2239 Pupil instruction: world language courses: A–G course certification. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
AB-2271 School food authorities: federal equipment assistance grants: matching state grants. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2292 Child care: reimbursement rates: startup costs: grants. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Died - Appropriations
AB-2315 Pupil health: mental and behavioral health services: telehealth technology: guidelines. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2360 Pupil nutrition: best practices for school districts to create food bank partnerships. Rodriguez Vetoed
AB-2385 Public postsecondary education: textbooks. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-2453 Air pollution: schools. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
AB-2477 Student support services: Dream Resource Liaisons. Rubio Vetoed
AB-2488 School facilities: task order procurement contracting: Los Angeles Unified School District. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-2580 Special education: due process hearings: extension of hearings: good cause. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-2698 California state preschool programs: general child care and development programs: mental health consultation services: adjustment factors. Rubio Chaptered
AB-2722 Student financial aid: California Military Department GI Bill Award Program. Medina Chaptered
AB-2826 Pupil enrollment: interdistrict attendance. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2878 Local control and accountability plans: annual goals: state priorities: family engagement. Chávez Chaptered
AB-2894 Postsecondary education: students called to active military duty during an academic term. Gloria Chaptered
AB-3022 Retroactive grant of high school diplomas: departed and deported pupils. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-3058 School facilities: inspections: examination and evaluation. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-3086 Interdistrict attendance: prohibition on transfers by a school district of residence. Kiley Vetoed
AB-3192 LEA Medi-Cal billing option: program guide. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-3223 Special education: visually impaired pupils: braille: Unified English Braille. Grayson Chaptered
AB-3228 School facilities: surplus real property: proceeds to pay emergency apportionment loan. Burke Senate - Died
AB-3255 Postsecondary education: omnibus bill. Committee on Higher Education Chaptered