Sen Education Bills - 04/07/2021

Bills Returned: 8
Measure Subject Author Status
SB-328 Local educational agencies: before and after school programs: middle school and high school start time. Portantino Assembly - Education
SB-364 Pupil meals: Free School Meals For All Act of 2021. Skinner Senate - Appropriations
SB-453 California State University Agricultural Research Institute grant program: Agricultural Biosecurity Fund. Hurtado Assembly - Second Reading
SB-547 Animals: emergency response: California Veterinary Emergency Team program. Glazer Assembly - Higher Education
SB-699 School climate: statewide school climate indicator: surveys. Eggman Assembly - Education
SB-701 Public postsecondary education: federal GI Bill: nonresident tuition: real property. Committee on Education Chaptered
SB-705 Workforce development: Binational Education and Workforce Opportunities Act. Hueso Assembly - Appropriations
SB-725 Early childhood education: parent participation preschools: pilot program. Ochoa Bogh Assembly - Appropriations