Assembly Supplemental Recess Bills - 10/14/2021

Bills Returned: 45
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-604 Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account: apportionment of funds: accrued interest. Daly Vetoed
2 AB-616 Agricultural labor relations: labor representative elections: representation ballot card election. Stone Vetoed
3 AB-123 Paid family leave: weekly benefit amount. Lorena Gonzalez Vetoed
4 AB-1074 Employment: displaced workers. Lorena Gonzalez Vetoed
5 AB-7 Emergency ambulance employees: multithreat body protective gear. Rodriguez Vetoed
6 AB-418 Emergency services: grant program. Valladares Vetoed
7 AB-515 Trespass. Chen Vetoed
8 AB-1207 Pathways Through Pandemics Task Force. Akilah Weber Vetoed
9 AB-1423 Housing programs: multifamily housing programs: expenditure of loan proceeds. Daly Vetoed
10 AB-70 Gene synthesis providers. Salas Vetoed
11 AB-416 California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act: public works projects: wood and wood products. Kalra Vetoed
12 AB-1021 Imperial Irrigation District. Mayes Vetoed
13 AB-1036 California Manufacturing Emergency Preparedness Act of 2021. Eduardo Garcia Vetoed
14 AB-1357 Perinatal services: maternal mental health. Cervantes Vetoed
15 AB-1403 Emergency services. Levine Vetoed
16 AB-1444 Food delivery platforms. Lee Vetoed
17 AB-1461 Human services: noncitizen victims. Reyes Vetoed
18 AB-523 Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. Nazarian Vetoed
19 AB-865 Childcare services: alternative payment programs: direct deposits: reserve funds. Quirk-Silva Vetoed
20 AB-990 Prisons: inmate visitation. Santiago Vetoed
21 AB-279 Intermediate care facilities and skilled nursing facilities: COVID-19. Muratsuchi Vetoed
22 AB-339 Local government: open and public meetings. Lee Vetoed
23 AB-446 Elections: political party qualifications. Mayes Vetoed
24 AB-472 Campsite reservations: securing an equitable process. Cooley Vetoed
25 AB-1070 Alcoholic beverage gift restrictions: exceptions: advertising umbrellas. Cooper Vetoed
26 AB-1331 Mental health: Statewide Director of Crisis Services. Irwin Vetoed
27 AB-105 The Upward Mobility Act of 2021: boards and commissions: civil service: examinations: classifications. Holden Vetoed
28 AB-122 Vehicles: required stops: bicycles. Boerner Horvath Vetoed
29 AB-226 Children’s crisis psychiatric residential treatment facilities. Ramos Vetoed
30 AB-369 Medi-Cal services: persons experiencing homelessness. Kamlager Vetoed
31 AB-375 Community colleges: part-time employees. Medina Vetoed
32 AB-412 California Commission on Human Rights. Reyes Vetoed
33 AB-603 Law enforcement settlements and judgments: reporting. McCarty Vetoed
34 AB-783 Surface mines: safety regulation. Gray Vetoed
35 AB-872 Leave of absence: firefighters. Wood Vetoed
36 AB-1035 Department of Transportation and local agencies: streets and highways: recycled materials. Salas Vetoed
37 AB-1147 Regional transportation plan: Active Transportation Program. Friedman Vetoed
38 AB-1185 Student financial aid: Cal Grant program. Cervantes Vetoed
39 AB-1215 Public postsecondary education: University of California: admissions policy: systemwide protocols. Boerner Horvath Vetoed
40 AB-1238 Pedestrian access. Ting Vetoed
41 AB-1302 Commercial cannabis billboards: placement restrictions. Quirk Vetoed
42 AB-1456 Student financial aid: Cal Grant Reform Act. Medina Vetoed
43 AB-1487 Legal Services Trust Fund Commission: Homelessness Prevention Fund: grants: eviction or displacement. Gabriel Vetoed
44 AB-1542 County of Yolo: Secured Residential Treatment Program. McCarty Vetoed
45 AB-1560 Distance learning: pupil access: computing devices and broadband internet service. Daly Vetoed