Assembly Floor Session Bills - 08/14/2014

Bills Returned: 245
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 ACR-168 Native Americans: NFL Football: Change the Mascot. Alejo Chaptered
2 SB-785 Design-build. Wolk Chaptered
3 SB-1094 Nonprofit health facilities: sale of assets: Attorney General approval. Lara Senate - Unfinished Business
4 SB-1339 Medi-Cal: Drug Medi-Cal Treatment Program providers. Cannella Chaptered
5 SB-29 Vote by mail ballots and election result statements. Correa Chaptered
6 SB-455 General acute care hospitals: nurse-to-patient ratios. Hernandez Senate - Unfinished Business
7 SB-1119 California Travel and Tourism Commission. Leno Chaptered
8 SB-1226 Veterans: professional licensing. Correa Chaptered
9 SB-193 Hazard evaluation system and information service. Monning Chaptered
10 SB-936 Utilities. Monning Chaptered
11 SB-1103 Political Reform Act of 1974: candidacy for elective state office. Padilla Senate - Died - Rules
12 AB-1764 School curriculum: mathematics: computer science. Olsen Chaptered
13 AB-1443 Harassment: unpaid interns. Skinner Chaptered
14 AB-1856 Deposit in lieu of bond. Wilk Chaptered
15 AB-2536 Employees: emergency rescue personnel. Mullin Chaptered
16 AB-2578 Insurance: disability insurance: life insurance: accelerated death benefit. Dababneh Chaptered
17 AB-505 Medi-Cal: managed care: language assistance services. Nazarian Chaptered
18 AB-1143 Tax administration: suspension or forfeiture: limited liability companies: check the box regulations: property tax assessment. Skinner Chaptered
19 AB-1498 Protective orders. Campos Chaptered
20 AB-1535 Pharmacists: naloxone hydrochloride. Bloom Chaptered
21 AB-1557 Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges: student member. Holden Chaptered
22 AB-1743 Hypodermic needles and syringes. Ting Chaptered
23 AB-1755 Medical information. Gomez Chaptered
24 AB-2032 Civil service: employee hearings. Bonta Vetoed
25 AB-2075 Crimes: importation or sale of endangered animals. Alejo Chaptered
26 AB-2251 Weights and measures: beverage containers: redemption value. Yamada Chaptered
27 AB-2597 Energy: PACE program. Ting Chaptered
28 AB-2738 Contamination. Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Chaptered
29 AB-1899 Residential care facilities for the elderly. Brown Chaptered
30 AB-1969 Postsecondary education: intersegmental coordination in governance. Levine Vetoed
31 AB-569 Real property: divided lands. Chau Chaptered
32 AB-877 Income and Corporation taxes: denial of deduction: owner fine or penalty. Bocanegra Chaptered
33 AB-922 Income taxes: deductions: disaster relief: County of San Diego. Maienschein Chaptered
34 AB-1260 California family owned business. Medina Vetoed
35 AB-1431 Campaign contributions: school district and community college district administrators. Gonzalez Vetoed
36 AB-1511 Criminal history information: animal control officers. Beth Gaines Chaptered
37 AB-1566 Inedible kitchen grease. Holden Chaptered
38 AB-1686 Trespass. Medina Chaptered
39 AB-1698 Falsified public records. Wagner Chaptered
40 AB-1701 Family law: adoption. Patterson Chaptered
41 AB-1721 Vehicles: high-occupancy vehicle lanes. Linder Chaptered
42 AB-1735 Nitrous oxide: dispensing and distributing. Hall Chaptered
43 AB-1782 Wires: unlawful removal. Chesbro Chaptered
44 AB-1809 Dogs: health certificates. Maienschein Chaptered
45 AB-1826 Solid waste: organic waste. Chesbro Chaptered
46 AB-1841 Medical assistants. Mullin Chaptered
47 AB-1846 Beverage containers: enforcement. Gordon Chaptered
48 AB-2007 Virtual or online charter schools: average daily attendance. Grove Chaptered
49 AB-2056 Insurance: pet insurance. Dababneh Chaptered
50 AB-2081 Agricultural historical resources. Daly Vetoed
51 AB-2090 High-occupancy toll lanes: San Diego County and Santa Clara County. Fong Chaptered
52 AB-2105 Big game mammals: bighorn sheep. Frazier Chaptered
53 AB-2170 Joint powers authorities: common powers. Mullin Chaptered
54 AB-2195 Juveniles: truancy. Achadjian Chaptered
55 AB-2214 Emergency room physicians and surgeons: continuing medical education: geriatric care. Fox Chaptered
56 AB-2227 Citizens Oversight Board: implementation. Quirk Chaptered
57 AB-2312 Metal theft. Nestande Chaptered
58 AB-2369 Elections: voter-requested recounts. Hagman Chaptered
59 AB-2404 Criminal history information. Eggman Chaptered
60 AB-2446 Standby charges: San Luis Rey Municipal Water District. Waldron Chaptered
61 AB-2499 Offenders: home detention programs. Bonilla Chaptered
62 AB-611 State Peace Officers’ and Firefighters’ Defined Contribution Plan. Bonta Chaptered
63 AB-296 Trusts. Wagner Chaptered
64 AB-715 Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency: assessments. Dickinson Chaptered
65 AB-2117 Santa Barbara San Luis Obispo Regional Health Authority. Achadjian Chaptered
66 AB-2292 Infrastructure financing districts: broadband. Bonta Chaptered
67 AB-26 Construction: prevailing wage. Bonilla Chaptered
68 AB-141 Treasure Island Transportation Management Act. Ammiano Chaptered
69 AB-400 Petitions: initiative, referendum, or recall. Fong Vetoed
70 AB-609 State-funded research: State Department of Public Health. Nestande Chaptered
71 AB-690 State government: international relations. Campos Chaptered
72 AB-1130 Insurance: home protection contracts. Wilk Chaptered
73 AB-1440 Elections: district boundaries: public hearing. Campos Chaptered
74 AB-1658 Foster care: consumer credit reports. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
75 AB-1700 Reverse mortgages: notifications. Medina Chaptered
76 AB-1707 Water quality: scientific peer review. Wilk Chaptered
77 AB-1767 Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy: property destruction: fines. Holden Chaptered
78 AB-1804 Insurance: notice of lapse. Perea Chaptered
79 AB-1942 Community colleges: accreditation. Bonta Chaptered
80 AB-2040 Compensation of elected officials, officers, and employees: reporting and disclosure. Garcia Chaptered
81 AB-2058 Open meetings. Wilk Vetoed
82 AB-2128 Insurer investments: community development. Gordon Chaptered
83 AB-2135 Surplus land: affordable housing. Ting Chaptered
84 AB-2151 Counties: search or rescue: costs. Wagner Vetoed
85 AB-2161 Affordable housing. Chau Chaptered
86 AB-2209 Money Transmission Act. Dickinson Chaptered
87 AB-2219 Initiative and referendum petitions: verification of signatures. Fong Chaptered
88 AB-2221 Business Filing Coordination Council. Campos Vetoed
89 AB-2264 Victim compensation: guide, signal, or service dogs. Levine Chaptered
90 AB-2365 Contracts: unlawful contracts. John A. Pérez Chaptered
91 AB-2453 Paso Robles Basin Water District. Achadjian Chaptered
92 AB-2631 Elections: voting machines. Dababneh Chaptered
93 AB-2735 Earthquake insurance. Committee on Insurance Chaptered
94 AB-1890 Athletic trainers. Chau Vetoed
95 AB-2419 Public employee relations: agency shop arrangements. Garcia Vetoed
96 AB-1503 Department of General Services. Beth Gaines Vetoed
97 AB-2711 Oil and gas: loan to City of Hermosa Beach. Muratsuchi Assembly - Died
98 ACR-102 California Firefighters Memorial Day. Fox Chaptered
99 ACR-147 Sikh American Awareness and Appreciation Month. Dickinson Chaptered
100 ACR-161 California Chrome: thoroughbred horse racing. Logue Chaptered
101 SB-53 Ammunition: purchase permits. De León Assembly - Died
102 SB-868 State water policy: groundwater resources. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Died
103 SB-1312 California Transportation Commission: annual report. Steinberg Chaptered
104 SB-1012 Healing arts: licensure requirements. Wyland Chaptered
105 SB-210 Criminal procedure: pretrial release. Hancock Assembly - Died
106 SB-1197 Restitution: collection by counties. Pavley Chaptered
107 SB-992 Common interest developments: property use and maintenance. Nielsen Chaptered
108 SB-1404 San Francisco redevelopment: successor agencies: housing. Leno Senate - Unfinished Business
109 SB-846 Crimes: Violent Crime Information Center. Galgiani Chaptered
110 SB-170 Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park. Wolk Senate - Unfinished Business
111 SB-1382 Residential care facilities for the elderly. Block Chaptered
112 SB-396 Public services. De León Chaptered
113 SB-1407 Employment discrimination. Jackson Assembly - Died
114 SB-1295 Trespass: requests for law enforcement assistance. Block Chaptered
115 SB-910 Domestic violence: restraining orders. Pavley Chaptered
116 SCR-104 Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week. Huff Chaptered
117 SB-1271 Personal Income Tax Law: cancellation of indebtedness: student loan forgiveness. Evans Chaptered
118 SB-614 Local government: jurisdictional changes: infrastructure financing. Wolk Chaptered
119 SB-1033 Land use: local planning: housing elements. Torres Assembly - Died
120 SB-1301 Corporate Flexibility Act of 2011: Social Purpose Corporations Act. DeSaulnier Chaptered
121 SB-610 Franchises. Jackson Senate - Unfinished Business
122 SCR-79 School and college textbooks: recycled paper. Galgiani Chaptered
123 SB-1263 Charter schools: location. Pavley Senate - Unfinished Business
124 SB-1177 Privacy: students. Steinberg Chaptered
125 SB-1203 Property taxation: welfare exemption: rental housing and related facilities: payment in lieu of taxes agreement. Jackson Chaptered
126 SB-204 Prescription drugs: labeling. Corbett Senate - Unfinished Business
127 SB-502 University of California: bidding requirements. Block Chaptered
128 SB-1010 Cocaine base: penalties. Mitchell Chaptered
129 SB-1252 Public social services: former foster youth: transitional housing. Torres Chaptered
130 SB-1441 Political Reform Act of 1974: contributions. Lara Chaptered
131 SB-1455 Public libraries: facilities: comprehensive needs assessment. DeSaulnier Senate - Unfinished Business
132 SB-1011 Nonprofit corporations: self-insurance. Monning Chaptered
133 SB-971 School finance: categorical programs. Huff Chaptered
134 SB-1064 Public Utilities Commission: railroads: natural gas pipelines: safety. Hill Chaptered
135 SB-1412 Criminal proceedings: mentally incompetent offenders. Nielsen Chaptered
136 SB-434 Public Utilities Commission: removal of a commissioner. Hill Chaptered
137 SB-1388 Human trafficking. Lieu Chaptered
138 SB-556 Providers of health and safety labor or services: identification. Padilla Chaptered
139 SB-1409 Public Utilities Commission: safety investigations. Hill Chaptered
140 SB-973 Narcotic treatment programs. Hernandez Chaptered
141 SB-1117 Pesticide Contamination Prevention Act. Monning Chaptered
142 SB-1141 Unemployment insurance: use of information. Hancock Chaptered
143 SB-419 Restitution: collection of fines, fees, and orders. Block Chaptered
144 SB-1066 Missing or unidentified persons. Galgiani Chaptered
145 SB-1116 Physicians and surgeons. Torres Chaptered
146 SB-1353 Local government: Williamson Act. Nielsen Chaptered
147 SB-113 Elections: voter registration. Jackson Chaptered
148 SB-199 BB devices. De León Chaptered
149 SB-266 Prevailing wages. Lieu Chaptered
150 SB-267 Pupil assessment: high school exit examination: eligible pupils with disabilities. Pavley Chaptered
151 SB-498 Solid waste: biomass conversion. Lara Chaptered
152 SB-792 Administrative regulations: corrosion prevention and mitigation projects. Padilla Senate - Unfinished Business
153 SB-828 Assistance to federal agencies. Lieu Chaptered
154 SB-894 Residential care facilities for the elderly: revocation of license. Corbett Assembly - Died
155 SB-912 State property: vending machines. Mitchell Chaptered
156 SB-987 California Sea Otter Fund: Department of Fish and Wildlife: State Coastal Conservancy. Monning Chaptered
157 SB-1028 Student financial aid: Cal Grant C awards. Jackson Chaptered
158 SB-1031 State claims. De León Chaptered
159 SB-1036 Urban water management plans. Pavley Chaptered
160 SB-1063 Voter registration: juvenile detention facilities. Block Chaptered
161 SB-1087 Farm labor contractors. Monning Chaptered
162 SB-1093 Developmental services: regional centers: culturally and linguistically competent services. Liu Chaptered
163 SB-1227 Diversion: members of the military. Hancock Chaptered
164 SB-1273 Insurance: low-cost automobile insurance program. Lara Chaptered
165 SB-1298 High-occupancy toll lanes. Hernandez Chaptered
166 SB-1335 Income and corporation taxes: credits: information. Leno Chaptered
167 SB-1350 Baby diaper changing accommodations. Lara Senate - Unfinished Business
168 SB-1358 Baby diaper changing stations. Wolk Senate - Unfinished Business
169 SB-1384 Certified nurse assistants. Mitchell Chaptered
170 SB-1415 Bay Area Air Quality Management District: advisory council. Hill Chaptered
171 SB-1430 Malicious mischief: airport property: transportation services. Hill Chaptered
172 SB-1443 Political Reform Act of 1974: gift limitations. De León Senate - Unfinished Business
173 SB-1460 Child welfare. Committee on Human Services Chaptered
174 SB-1466 Health care professionals. Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development Chaptered
175 SB-1467 Professions and vocations. Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development Chaptered
176 SCA-17 Members of the Legislature: suspension. Steinberg Chaptered
177 SB-600 Drugs. Lieu Chaptered
178 SB-636 Public Utilities Commission: proceedings. Hill Chaptered
179 SB-993 Healing arts: dietitians. Mitchell Chaptered
180 SB-1255 Disorderly conduct: unlawful distribution of image. Cannella Chaptered
181 SB-1420 Water management: urban water management plans. Wolk Chaptered
182 SB-1438 Controlled substances: opioid antagonists. Pavley Chaptered
183 SB-577 Autism and other developmental disabilities: employment. Pavley Chaptered
184 SB-1143 Pupil instruction: independent study. Liu Assembly - Died
185 SB-1356 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. De León Chaptered
186 SCR-122 Chinese Americans in California. De León Chaptered
187 AJR-48 Federal memorials: emergency medical services. Rodriguez Chaptered
188 SCR-100 California Aerospace Week. Knight Chaptered
189 SCR-101 Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Gaines Chaptered
190 SCR-109 National STD Awareness Month and National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day. Lara Chaptered
191 SCR-118 Military sacrifice: remembrance. Anderson Chaptered
192 SCR-126 Adrenoleukodystrophy Awareness Month. Fuller Chaptered
193 SB-26 Orange County Water District: land use. Correa Chaptered
194 SB-115 Public Utilities Commission: Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act: judicial review. Hill Assembly - Died - Rules
195 SB-315 Contractors. Lieu Chaptered
196 SB-616 Aeronautics Account: California Aid to Airports Program. Roth Senate - Died
197 SB-674 California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: residential infill projects. Corbett Chaptered
198 SB-702 Criminal law: badges: impersonation. Anderson Chaptered
199 SB-712 Hazardous waste facility: permitting: interim status. Lara Chaptered
200 SB-761 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: School Supplies for Homeless Children Fund. DeSaulnier Chaptered
201 SB-782 Income taxes: voluntary contributions: California Sexual Violence Victim Services Fund. DeSaulnier Chaptered
202 SB-842 Highway signs: Veterans’ Home of California. Knight Chaptered
203 SB-900 Public utilities: rate case application: safety. Hill Chaptered
204 SB-952 Prohibited financial interests: aiding and abetting. Torres Chaptered
205 SB-959 Health care coverage. Hernandez Chaptered
206 SB-1022 Public postsecondary education: labor market outcome information. Huff Chaptered
207 SB-1039 Pharmacy. Hernandez Chaptered
208 SB-1065 Insurance: reports: electronic submission. Monning Assembly - Died
209 SB-1089 Medi-Cal: juvenile inmates. Mitchell Chaptered
210 SB-1090 Electricity: rates: default time-of-use pricing. Fuller Chaptered
211 SB-1110 Arraignment: military and veteran status: forms. Jackson Chaptered
212 SB-1120 Local water supply programs or projects: funding. Galgiani Chaptered
213 SB-1127 Emergency services: individuals with developmental disabilities and cognitive impairments. Torres Chaptered
214 SB-1151 Vehicles: school zone fines. Cannella Senate - Unfinished Business
215 SB-1219 Public employees’ retirement: service after retirement. Torres Assembly - Died
216 SB-1235 Prepackaged food. Knight Chaptered
217 SB-1283 Controlled substances. Galgiani Chaptered
218 SB-1315 Medi-Cal: providers. Monning Chaptered
219 SB-1345 Natural resources. Committee on Natural Resources and Water Chaptered
220 SB-1368 State highways: relinquishment. Wolk Chaptered
221 SB-1383 Plastic products: labeling. Hueso Senate - Unfinished Business
222 SB-1424 State property: tidelands transfer: City of Martinez. Wolk Chaptered
223 SB-1457 Medical care: electronic treatment authorization requests. Evans Chaptered
224 SB-1458 Hazardous substances. Committee on Environmental Quality Chaptered
225 SB-1135 Inmates: sterilization. Jackson Chaptered
226 SB-1220 State teachers’ retirement. Torres Chaptered
227 AB-77 Budget Act of 2013: public resources. Committee on Budget Legislature - Died
228 AB-976 Coastal resources: California Coastal Act of 1976: enforcement: penalties. Atkins Legislature - Died
A- 1 SB-757 Groundwater management. Berryhill Assembly - Died - Rules
A- 2 SB-61 Juveniles: solitary confinement. Yee Assembly - Died
A- 3 ACR-76 Freedom of speech: institutions of higher education. Lowenthal Assembly - Died
A- 4 AB-229 Local government: infrastructure and revitalization financing districts. John A. Pérez Chaptered
A- 5 SB-33 Local taxation: County of Sonoma: transactions and use tax. Wolk Assembly - Died - Rules
A- 6 SB-77 Health. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Died
A- 7 SB-92 Property insurance: Seismic Safety Account. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Died
A- 8 SB-691 Nonvehicular air pollution control: penalties. Hancock Assembly - Died
A- 9 AB-1038 Milk products: California Dairy Future Task Force. Gray Assembly - Died
A- 10 SB-2 Political Reform Act of 1974. Lieu Assembly - Died
A- 11 AB-2589 Weights and measures: county sealers: county ordinance: annual registration fee. Bloom Assembly - Died
A- 12 AB-2479 Crimes: nonviolent felonies. Bradford Assembly - Died
A- 13 AB-2515 Controlled substances: sentencing. Donnelly Assembly - Died
A- 14 SB-500 Drug Medi-Cal. Lieu Assembly - Died - Rules
A- 15 SB-1043 Elections: in-lieu-filing-fee and political party qualification petitions: penal provisions. Torres Assembly - Died
A- 16 SB-323 Taxes: exemptions: prohibited discrimination. Lara Assembly - Died
A- 17 SB-411 Building standards: water meters: multiunit structures. Wolk Assembly - Died - Rules