Assembly Floor Session Bills - 07/22/2021

Bills Returned: 131
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 SB-211 State Bar: board of trustees: report: attorneys’ annual license fees: California Lawyers Association: Legal Services Trust Fund Commission. Umberg Assembly - Third Reading
2 SB-363 Educational equity: government instruction conferences. Leyva Assembly - Third Reading
3 SB-774 Lawyer-client privilege: Department of Fair Employment and Housing. Hertzberg Assembly - Third Reading
4 SB-368 Health care coverage: deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. Limón Assembly - Appropriations
5 SB-395 Excise tax: electronic cigarettes: Health Careers Opportunity Grant Program: Small and Rural Hospital Relief Program. Caballero Assembly - Appropriations
6 SB-637 Health facility reporting: staffing. Newman Assembly - Appropriations
7 SB-650 Skilled nursing facilities. Stern Assembly - Appropriations
8 SB-334 Detention facilities: contracts. Durazo Assembly - Third Reading
9 SB-472 Social Innovation Financing Program. Caballero Assembly - Appropriations
10 SB-827 Public Safety Omnibus. Committee on Public Safety Assembly - Appropriations
11 SB-35 Elections: prohibited activities. Umberg Assembly - Appropriations
12 SB-483 Sentencing: resentencing to remove sentencing enhancements. Allen Assembly - Appropriations
13 SB-50 Early learning and care. Limón Assembly - Appropriations
14 SB-26 Collegiate athletics: student athlete compensation and representation. Skinner Assembly - Consent
15 SB-239 Government finance: surplus investments: savings and loan associations or credit unions. Committee on Banking and Financial Institutions Assembly - Consent
16 SB-269 Credit unions. Portantino Assembly - Consent
17 SB-574 Agricultural preserves: Williamson Act. Laird Assembly - Consent
18 SB-584 Resource Family Approval Program. Jones Assembly - Consent
19 SB-728 Density Bonus Law: purchase of density bonus units by nonprofit housing organizations. Hertzberg Assembly - Consent
20 SB-813 Local Government Omnibus Act of 2021. Committee on Governance and Finance Assembly - Consent
21 SB-814 Transportation: omnibus bill. Committee on Transportation Assembly - Consent
22 SB-824 California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. Committee on Governance and Finance Assembly - Consent
23 SB-290 Density Bonus Law: qualifications for incentives or concessions: student housing for lower income students: moderate-income persons and families: local government constraints. Skinner Assembly - Third Reading
24 SB-572 Labor Commissioner: enforcement: lien on real property. Hertzberg Assembly - Third Reading
25 SB-626 Department of Water Resources: Procurement Methods. Dodd Assembly - Third Reading
26 SB-694 Fire prevention: electrical corporations: wildfire mitigation: workforce diversity. Bradford Assembly - Third Reading
27 SB-453 California State University Agricultural Research Institute grant program: Agricultural Biosecurity Fund. Hurtado Assembly - Second Reading
28 SB-144 Taxes: credits: qualified motion pictures: certified studio construction projects: reports. Portantino Chaptered
29 SB-510 Health care coverage: COVID-19 cost sharing. Pan Assembly - Appropriations
30 SB-801 Healing arts: Board of Behavioral Sciences: Board of Psychology: licensees. Archuleta Assembly - Appropriations
31 SB-803 Barbering and cosmetology. Roth Assembly - Appropriations
32 AB-1079 Trusts: revocation. Gallagher Assembly - In Floor Process
33 AB-1143 Civil procedure: restraining orders. Berman Assembly - In Floor Process
34 AB-275 Classified community college employees. Medina Assembly - In Floor Process
35 AB-541 Tobacco assessment. Berman Assembly - In Floor Process
36 AB-611 Safe at Home program: homeowners’ associations. Quirk-Silva Assembly - In Floor Process
37 AB-638 Mental Health Services Act: early intervention and prevention programs. Quirk-Silva Assembly - In Floor Process
38 AB-831 California Retail Food Code. Committee on Health Assembly - In Floor Process
39 AB-856 Pupil health: COVID-19 Youth Health Information Act. Maienschein Chaptered
40 AB-654 COVID-19: exposure: notification. Reyes Assembly - Third Reading
41 AB-1223 Firearms and ammunition: excise tax. Levine Assembly - Third Reading
42 AJR-5 Wild free-roaming horses and burros: protection: roundup moratorium. Luz Rivas Assembly - Third Reading
43 HR-60   Ramos Assembly - Passed
44 SJR-2 Immigration reform. Hueso Assembly - Third Reading
45 SB-311 Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act or Ryan’s Law. Hueso Assembly - Third Reading
46 SB-60 Residential short-term rental ordinances: health or safety infractions: maximum fines. Glazer Assembly - Third Reading
47 SB-71 Infractions: community service: education programs. McGuire Assembly - Third Reading
48 SB-436 Community colleges: nonresident tuition. Dahle Assembly - Third Reading
49 SJR-1 Student loan debt. Allen Assembly - Third Reading
50 SB-432 Common interest developments. Wieckowski Assembly - Third Reading
51 SB-591 Senior citizens: intergenerational housing developments. Becker Assembly - Third Reading
52 SB-762 Contracts. Wieckowski Assembly - Third Reading
53 SB-331 Settlement and nondisparagement agreements. Leyva Assembly - Third Reading
54 SB-548 Tri-Valley-San Joaquin Valley Regional Rail Authority: transit connectivity. Eggman Assembly - Third Reading
55 SB-319 Land use: development fees: audit. Melendez Assembly - Third Reading
56 SB-13 Local agency services: contracts: Counties of Napa and San Bernardino. Dodd Assembly - Third Reading
57 SB-297 Subsurface installations: penalties. Durazo Assembly - Third Reading
58 SB-383 Juveniles: informal supervision: deferred entry of judgment. Cortese Assembly - Third Reading
59 SB-709 Z’Berg-Nejedly Forest Practice Act of 1973: timber harvesting plans: extensions. Dahle Assembly - Third Reading
60 SB-544 Cannabis testing. Laird Assembly - Third Reading
61 SB-10 Planning and zoning: housing development: density. Wiener Assembly - Third Reading
62 SB-675 Property taxation: monthly installment payments. Ochoa Bogh Assembly - Third Reading
63 SB-507 Mental health services: assisted outpatient treatment. Eggman Assembly - Third Reading
64 SB-273 Water quality: municipal wastewater agencies. Hertzberg Assembly - Third Reading
65 SB-274 Local government meetings: agenda and documents. Wieckowski Assembly - Third Reading
66 SB-294 Public retirement: leave of absence: service credit. Leyva Assembly - Third Reading
67 SB-410 Occupational safety and health: regulations. Leyva Assembly - Third Reading
68 SB-655 Insurers: diversity. Bradford Assembly - Third Reading
69 SB-315 Revocable transfer on death deeds. Roth Assembly - Third Reading
70 SB-353 Hospice: services to seriously ill patients. Roth Assembly - Third Reading
71 SB-292 Industrial hemp. Wilk Assembly - Third Reading
72 SB-779 California Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act: earn and learn programs. Becker Assembly - Third Reading
73 SB-784 State government: emergency services: nonprofit service providers. Glazer Assembly - Third Reading
74 SB-52 State of emergency: local emergency: planned power outage. Dodd Assembly - Third Reading
75 SB-780 Local finance: public investment authorities. Cortese Assembly - Third Reading
76 SB-721 California Farmworker Day. Hueso Assembly - Third Reading
77 SCR-11 Cancer Patients’ Bill of Rights. Rubio Assembly - Third Reading
78 SB-722 Pupil safety: swimming pools: adult presence: cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. Melendez Assembly - Consent
79 ACR-58 Valley Fever Awareness Month. Fong Assembly - Passed
80 HR-53   Levine Assembly - Passed
81 SB-498 Funds for the provision of legal services to indigent persons: disabled veterans. Umberg Senate - Unfinished Business
82 SB-219 Property taxation: delinquent penalties and costs: cancellation: public health orders. McGuire Chaptered
83 SB-258 Aging. Laird Chaptered
84 SB-333 San Joaquin Regional Transit District: procurement. Eggman Senate - Unfinished Business
85 SB-411 Public Employees’ Retirement System: employment without reinstatement. Cortese Chaptered
86 SB-480 Metropolitan Water District of Southern California: rules: inappropriate conduct. Stern Assembly - Third Reading
87 SB-634 Public employees’ retirement. Committee on Labor, Public Employment and Retirement Senate - Unfinished Business
88 SB-817 Fire protection: Office of the State Fire Marshal: State Board of Fire Services: membership. Committee on Governmental Organization Chaptered
89 SB-821 Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Delta Independent Science Board. Committee on Natural Resources and Water Senate - Unfinished Business
90 SCR-36 Aromatic L-amino Acid Decarboxylase (AADC) Deficiency Awareness Day. Melendez Chaptered
91 SCR-41 Juneteenth. Bradford Chaptered
92 SCR-45 Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Awareness Month. Dodd Chaptered
93 SCR-47 Sugihara Visas Day. Hertzberg Chaptered
94 SB-756 Home weatherization services for low-income customers. Hueso Senate - Unfinished Business
A- 1 AB-1091 Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority: board of directors. Berman Assembly - Inactive
A- 2 AB-671 Medi-Cal: pharmacy benefits. Wood Assembly - Inactive
A- 3 AB-1127 Serious or violent felonies: enhancements: juveniles. Santiago Assembly - Inactive
A- 4 AB-942 California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal initiative. Wood Assembly - Inactive
A- 5 AB-1155 Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund. Salas Assembly - Inactive
A- 6 AB-1490 California Privacy Rights Act of 2020: California Privacy Protection Agency. Chau Assembly - Inactive
A- 7 AB-1236 Healing arts: licensees: data collection. Ting Assembly - Inactive
A- 8 AB-1327 Aging in place: home modification. Ting Assembly - Inactive
A- 9 AB-975 Political Reform Act of 1974: statement of economic interests and gifts. Luz Rivas Assembly - Inactive
A- 10 AB-1255 Fire prevention: fire risk reduction guidance: local assistance grants. Bloom Assembly - Inactive
A- 11 AB-631 Alcoholic beverage control: licenses: nonprofit cultural film exhibition companies. Bloom Assembly - Inactive
A- 12 AB-847 Electrically conductive balloons. Quirk Assembly - Inactive
A- 13 AB-1491 Adult education: consortia: carryover of allocated funds. McCarty Assembly - Inactive
A- 14 AB-547 Domestic violence: victim’s rights. McCarty Assembly - Inactive
A- 15 AB-1252 Information privacy: digital health feedback systems. Chau Assembly - Inactive
A- 16 AB-1348 Youth athletics: chronic traumatic encephalopathy. McCarty Assembly - Inactive
A- 17 AB-1208 Unclaimed property: secure payment of claims. Ting Assembly - Inactive
A- 18 AB-1316 School accountability: financial and performance audits: charter schools: contracts. O'Donnell Assembly - Inactive
A- 19 AB-524 Postsecondary education: Campus-Recognized Sorority and Fraternity Transparency Act. Rodriguez Assembly - Inactive
A- 20 AB-551 Teachers’ Retirement System: individual retirement plans: administration. Rodriguez Assembly - Inactive
A- 21 AB-662 Mental health: dispatch and response protocols: working group. Rodriguez Assembly - Inactive
A- 22 AB-1123 State of emergency: Governor’s powers: notice of executive action: audit of emergency fund expenditures. Rodriguez Assembly - Inactive
A- 23 AB-40 Political Reform Act of 1974: slate mailers. Lorena Gonzalez Assembly - Inactive
A- 24 AB-236 Campaign disclosure: limited liability companies. Berman Assembly - Inactive
A- 25 AB-921 Flood protection: City of West Sacramento flood risk reduction project. McCarty Assembly - Inactive
A- 26 AB-995 Paid sick days: accrual and use. Lorena Gonzalez Assembly - Inactive
A- 27 AB-71 Homelessness funding: Bring California Home Act. Luz Rivas Assembly - Inactive
A- 28 AB-650 Employer-provided benefits: health care workers: COVID-19: hazard pay retention bonuses. Muratsuchi Assembly - Inactive
A- 29 AB-1139 Net energy metering. Lorena Gonzalez Assembly - Inactive
A- 30 AB-679 Criminal trials: testimony of in-custody informants. Friedman Assembly - Inactive
A- 31 AB-1192 Employment information: worker metrics. Kalra Assembly - Inactive
A- 32 AB-318 Hazardous waste: classification: cannabis waste. Levine Assembly - Inactive
A- 33 AB-255 COVID-19 Emergency Small Business Eviction Relief Act. Muratsuchi Assembly - Inactive
A- 34 SB-816 Master Mutual Aid Agreement: tribes. Committee on Governmental Organization Assembly - Inactive
A- 35 AB-257 Food facilities and employment. Lorena Gonzalez Assembly - Inactive
A- 36 SB-581 General plan. Atkins Assembly - Inactive
A- 37 AJR-1 Abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Kalra Assembly - Inactive