Assembly Floor Session Bills - 06/10/2021

Bills Returned: 48
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 SB-392 Common interest developments: document delivery. Archuleta Enrolled
2 AB-654 COVID-19: exposure: notification. Reyes Enrolled
3 AB-257 Food facilities and employment. Lorena Gonzalez Assembly - Inactive
4 AJR-1 Abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Kalra Assembly - Inactive
5 AJR-9 Social Security. Cooper Chaptered
6 AB-1223 Firearms and ammunition: excise tax. Levine Assembly - Third Reading
7 ACR-59 Portuguese Heritage Month. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
8 AJR-14 Title IX: 49th anniversary. Boerner Horvath Chaptered
9 SJR-2 Immigration reform. Hueso Chaptered
10 SB-311 Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act or Ryan’s Law. Hueso Enrolled
11 ACR-72 Veterans of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Day. Nguyen Chaptered
12 ACR-90 USS Liberty Remembrance Day. Mathis Chaptered
13 ACR-83 Loving Day. McCarty Chaptered
14 AJR-15 World Refugee Day. McCarty Chaptered
A- 1 AB-1091 Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority: board of directors. Berman Assembly - Inactive
A- 2 AB-671 Medi-Cal: pharmacy benefits. Wood Assembly - Inactive
A- 3 AB-1127 Serious or violent felonies: enhancements: juveniles. Santiago Assembly - Inactive
A- 4 AB-942 California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal initiative. Wood Assembly - Inactive
A- 5 AB-1155 Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund. Salas Assembly - Inactive
A- 6 AB-1490 California Privacy Rights Act of 2020: California Privacy Protection Agency. Chau Assembly - Inactive
A- 7 AB-1236 Healing arts: licensees: data collection. Ting Assembly - Inactive
A- 8 AB-1327 Aging in place: home modification. Ting Assembly - Inactive
A- 9 AB-975 Political Reform Act of 1974: statement of economic interests and gifts. Luz Rivas Assembly - Inactive
A- 10 AB-832 COVID-19 relief: tenancy: federal rental assistance. Chiu Chaptered
A- 11 AB-1255 Fire prevention: fire risk reduction guidance: local assistance grants. Bloom Assembly - Inactive
A- 12 AB-631 Alcoholic beverage control: licenses: nonprofit cultural film exhibition companies. Bloom Assembly - Inactive
A- 13 AB-847 Electrically conductive balloons. Quirk Assembly - Inactive
A- 14 AB-1491 Adult education: consortia: carryover of allocated funds. McCarty Assembly - Inactive
A- 15 AB-547 Domestic violence: victim’s rights. McCarty Assembly - Inactive
A- 16 AB-1252 Information privacy: digital health feedback systems. Chau Assembly - Inactive
A- 17 AB-1348 Youth athletics: chronic traumatic encephalopathy. McCarty Assembly - Inactive
A- 18 AB-1208 Unclaimed property: secure payment of claims. Ting Assembly - Inactive
A- 19 AB-1316 School accountability: financial and performance audits: charter schools: contracts. O'Donnell Assembly - Inactive
A- 20 AB-524 Postsecondary education: Campus-Recognized Sorority and Fraternity Transparency Act. Rodriguez Assembly - Inactive
A- 21 AB-551 Teachers’ Retirement System: individual retirement plans: administration. Rodriguez Assembly - Inactive
A- 22 AB-662 Mental health: dispatch and response protocols: working group. Rodriguez Assembly - Inactive
A- 23 AB-1123 State of emergency: Governor’s powers: notice of executive action: audit of emergency fund expenditures. Rodriguez Assembly - Inactive
A- 24 AB-40 Political Reform Act of 1974: slate mailers. Lorena Gonzalez Assembly - Inactive
A- 25 AB-236 Campaign disclosure: limited liability companies. Berman Assembly - Inactive
A- 26 AB-921 Flood protection: City of West Sacramento flood risk reduction project. McCarty Assembly - Inactive
A- 27 AB-995 Paid sick days: accrual and use. Lorena Gonzalez Assembly - Inactive
A- 28 AB-71 Homelessness funding: Bring California Home Act. Luz Rivas Assembly - Inactive
A- 29 AB-650 Employer-provided benefits: health care workers: COVID-19: hazard pay retention bonuses. Muratsuchi Assembly - Inactive
A- 30 AB-1139 Net energy metering. Lorena Gonzalez Assembly - Inactive
A- 31 AB-679 Criminal trials: testimony of in-custody informants. Friedman Assembly - Inactive
A- 32 AB-1192 Employment information: worker metrics. Kalra Assembly - Inactive
A- 33 AB-318 Hazardous waste: classification: cannabis waste. Levine Assembly - Inactive
A- 34 AB-255 COVID-19 Emergency Small Business Eviction Relief Act. Muratsuchi Assembly - Inactive