Asm. Check-in Session Bills - 05/04/2021

Bills Returned: 130
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-811 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: contracting. Luz Rivas Senate - Pending Referral
2 AB-528 Property taxation: tax-defaulted property: sales to nonprofits. Wicks Assembly - Appropriations
3 AB-446 Elections: political party qualifications. Mayes Senate - Pending Referral
4 AB-1172 Escrow agents: asset and accounting requirements. O'Donnell Senate - Banking and Financial Institutions
5 AB-844 Green Empowerment Zone for the Northern Waterfront area of the County of Contra Costa. Grayson Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
6 AB-94 Correctional officers. Jones-Sawyer Assembly - Appropriations
7 AB-1048 Alameda Health System Hospital Authority: labor negotiations. Cooper Senate - Pending Referral
8 AB-545 University of California: major tax expenditures: research. Quirk Senate - Rules
9 AB-1322 Land use: local measures: conflicts. Robert Rivas Senate - Governance and Finance
10 AB-71 Homelessness funding: Bring California Home Act. Luz Rivas Assembly - Inactive
11 AB-362 Homeless shelters: safety regulations. Quirk-Silva Senate - Housing
12 AB-491 Housing: affordable and market rate units. Ward Senate - Housing
13 AB-502 Common interest developments: election requirements. Davies Senate - Housing
14 AB-602 Development fees: impact fee nexus study. Grayson Senate - Governance and Finance
15 AB-1043 Housing programs: rental housing developments: affordable rent. Bryan Senate - Pending Referral
16 AB-1188 State rental assistance program: data. Wicks Assembly - Appropriations
17 AB-1220 Homelessness: California Interagency Council on Homelessness. Luz Rivas Senate - Pending Referral
18 AB-1329 Building codes: earthquakes: functional recovery standard. Nazarian Senate - Housing
19 AB-1360 Project Roomkey. Santiago Assembly - Appropriations
20 AB-816 State and local agencies: homelessness plan. Chiu Senate - Housing
21 AB-1177 California Public Banking Option Act. Santiago Senate - Banking and Financial Institutions
22 AB-1127 Serious or violent felonies: enhancements: juveniles. Santiago Assembly - Inactive
23 AB-1395 Greenhouse gases: carbon neutrality. Muratsuchi Senate - Pending Referral
24 AB-339 Local government: open and public meetings. Lee Senate - Pending Referral
25 AB-762 Hazardous emissions and substances: schoolsites: private and charter schools. Lee Senate - Environmental Quality
26 AB-1316 School accountability: financial and performance audits: charter schools: contracts. O'Donnell Assembly - Inactive
27 AB-1164 Dams and reservoirs: exclusions. Flora Senate - Natural Resources and Water
28 AB-1139 Net energy metering. Lorena Gonzalez Assembly - Inactive
29 AB-583 Remote marriage license issuance and solemnization. Davies Senate - Judiciary
30 AB-272 Enrollment agreements. Kiley Senate - Judiciary
31 AB-1096 Alien: change of terms. Luz Rivas Senate - Judiciary
32 AB-333 Participation in a criminal street gang: enhanced sentence. Kamlager Senate - Pending Referral
33 AB-669 Firearms: unsafe handguns. Lackey Senate - Public Safety
34 AB-652 Product safety: juvenile products: chemicals: perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Friedman Senate - Environmental Quality
35 AB-1487 Legal Services Trust Fund Commission: Homelessness Prevention Fund: grants: eviction or displacement. Gabriel Senate - Judiciary
36 AB-282 Misdemeanor diversion. Lackey Senate - Public Safety
37 AB-1383 Community colleges: academic employees: involuntary administrative leave. Carrillo Senate - Consent
38 AJR-1 Abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Kalra Assembly - Third Reading
39 AB-371 Shared mobility devices: insurance and tracking. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Judiciary
40 AB-389 Ambulance services. Grayson Senate - Pending Referral
41 AB-392 Clinical laboratories: total protein test: authorization. Nazarian Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
42 AB-245 Educational equity: student records: name and gender changes. Chiu Senate - Education
43 AB-326 Health care service plans: Consumer Participation Program. Luz Rivas Senate - Health
44 AB-518 Criminal law: violations punishable in multiple ways. Wicks Senate - Appropriations
45 AB-451 Health care facilities: treatment of psychiatric emergency medical conditions. Arambula Senate - Appropriations
46 AB-914 Public postsecondary education: California State University: proficiency level of entering students. Akilah Weber Senate - Education
47 AJR-9 Social Security. Cooper Senate - Rules
48 AB-1034 Cannabis: retail preparation, sale, or consumption of noncannabis food and beverage products. Bloom Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
49 AB-535 Olive oil: labeling. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Agriculture
50 AB-846 Local Agency Public Construction Act: job order contracting. Low Senate - Education
51 AB-857 Employers: Labor Commissioner: required disclosures. Kalra Senate - Judiciary
52 AB-332 Hazardous waste: treated wood waste: management standards. Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Senate - Judiciary
53 AB-382 Whole Child Model program. Kamlager Senate - Appropriations
54 AB-1506 Prevailing wage: locality. Kalra Senate - Pending Referral
55 AB-1475 Law enforcement: social media. Low Senate - Judiciary
56 AB-286 Food delivery: purchase prices and tips. Lorena Gonzalez Senate - Judiciary
57 AB-917 Vehicles: video imaging of parking violations. Bloom Senate - Pending Referral
58 AB-1444 Food delivery platforms. Lee Senate - Judiciary
59 AB-1306 Health Professions Careers Opportunity Program. Arambula Senate - Rules
60 AB-39 California-China Climate Institute. Chau Senate - Appropriations
61 AB-40 Political Reform Act of 1974: slate mailers. Lorena Gonzalez Assembly - Inactive
62 AB-236 Campaign disclosure: limited liability companies. Berman Assembly - Inactive
63 AB-237 Public employment: unfair practices: health protection. Gray Senate - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
64 AB-279 Intermediate care facilities and skilled nursing facilities: COVID-19. Muratsuchi Senate - Health
65 AB-679 Criminal trials: testimony of in-custody informants. Friedman Assembly - Inactive
66 AB-764 Contempt of court: victim intimidation. Cervantes Senate - Public Safety
67 AB-838 State Housing Law: enforcement response to complaints. Friedman Senate - Housing
68 AB-845 Disability retirement: COVID-19: presumption. Rodriguez Senate - Appropriations
69 AB-903 Los Medanos Community Healthcare District. Frazier Senate - Governance and Finance
70 AB-1042 Skilled nursing facilities: unpaid penalties: related parties. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Health
71 AB-1490 California Privacy Rights Act of 2020: California Privacy Protection Agency. Chau Assembly - Inactive
72 AB-1550 Higher education labor relations: employee organizations. Luz Rivas Senate - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
73 AB-89 Peace officers: minimum qualifications. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Pending Referral
74 AB-939 Sex offenses: evidence. Cervantes Senate - Public Safety
75 AB-242 Public utilities. Holden Senate - Energy, Utilities and Communications
76 HR-40 Ramos Assembly - Passed
77 AJR-10 Veterans cemeteries: Republic of Korea veterans. Choi Senate - Military and Veterans Affairs
78 AB-379 Wildlife conservation: conservation lands. Gallagher Senate - Natural Resources and Water
79 AB-1432 The California Online Community College. Low Senate - Education
80 AB-700 Criminal procedure: arraignment and trial. Cunningham Senate - Public Safety
81 AB-1281 Criminal procedure: protective orders. Blanca Rubio Senate - Public Safety
82 AB-1537 The California Massage Therapy Council. Low Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
83 AB-428 Local government: board of supervisors. Mayes Senate - Governance and Finance
84 AB-1546 City of Alhambra: charter amendment: Alhambra Unified School District: California Voting Rights Act. Chau Senate - Pending Referral
85 AB-1590 Political Reform Act of 1974. Committee on Elections Senate - Elections and Constitutional Amendments
86 SB-51 Surplus residential property. Durazo Assembly - Housing and Community Development
87 AB-1592 Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District: contracts. Committee on Local Government Senate - Consent
88 AB-1314 Veterans’ homes: leases. Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs Senate - Military and Veterans Affairs
89 AB-920 Agriculture: cotton pests abatement districts: organization and establishment: authorized counties. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Consent
90 AB-1591 Elections omnibus bill. Committee on Elections Senate - Elections and Constitutional Amendments
91 AB-120 Gambling Control Act. Salas Senate - Appropriations
92 AB-239 Winegrowers and brandy manufacturers: exercise of privileges: locations. Villapudua Senate - Appropriations
93 AB-283 Corporate securities: exemption from requirements. Chen Senate - Judiciary
94 AB-319 Political Reform Act of 1974: contributions: foreign governments or principals. Valladares Senate - Elections and Constitutional Amendments
95 AB-398 Department of Motor Vehicles: records. Fong Senate - Appropriations
96 AB-444 State and local employees: pay warrants: designees. Committee on Public Employment and Retirement Senate - Appropriations
97 AB-447 California Consumer Financial Protection Law: annual report. Grayson Senate - Rules
98 AB-462 Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Act. Carrillo Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
99 AB-484 Alarm company operators: advertisements. Medina Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
100 AB-492 Cosmetology students: externships. Patterson Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
101 AB-494 Insurance Holding Company System Regulatory Act. Mayes Senate - Insurance
102 AB-526 Dentists and podiatrists: clinical laboratories and vaccines. Wood Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
103 AB-539 State teachers’ retirement: investment managers and investment advisers: contracts. Cooley Senate - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
104 AB-546 Dependent children: documents: housing. Maienschein Senate - Judiciary
105 AB-599 Public schools: accountability: county superintendents of schools. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Education
106 AB-603 Law enforcement settlements and judgments: reporting. McCarty Senate - Public Safety
107 AB-623 Farmers’ markets: county agricultural commissioner certificates. Committee on Agriculture Senate - Agriculture
108 AB-663 Corporations: electronic transmissions: bylaws: emergency powers. Chen Senate - Judiciary
109 AB-674 Dependent children: documents. Bennett Senate - Judiciary
110 AB-718 Peace officers: investigations of misconduct. Cunningham Senate - Appropriations
111 AB-749 Skilled nursing facilities: medical director certification. Nazarian Senate - Appropriations
112 AB-824 Local educational agencies: county boards of education: governing bodies of charter schools: pupil members. Bennett Senate - Education
113 AB-869 State funds: investments. Bloom Senate - Appropriations
114 AB-1031 State agencies: interns and student assistants: hiring preference. Villapudua Senate - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
115 AB-1112 Before and after school programs: maximum grant amounts. Carrillo Senate - Education
116 AB-1148 Workers’ compensation insurance reporting. Daly Senate - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
117 AB-1222 Cannabis packaging: beverages. Chen Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
118 AB-1320 Money transmission: customer service. Bauer-Kahan Senate - Judiciary
119 AB-1409 Planning and zoning: general plan: safety element. Levine Senate - Governance and Finance
120 AB-1426 California Advanced Services Fund. Mathis Senate - Appropriations
121 AB-1527 Seton Medical Center: seismic safety. Ting Senate - Appropriations
122 AB-1541 Insurance: Guarantee Association. Committee on Insurance Senate - Insurance
123 AB-1570 Public resources: omnibus bill. Committee on Natural Resources Senate - Natural Resources and Water
124 AB-1347 Bail: premiums. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Judiciary
125 ACR-71 Provider Appreciation Day. Villapudua Chaptered
126 SCR-2 Black April Memorial Month. Umberg Chaptered
127 SCR-21 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Day. Rubio Chaptered
A- 1 AB-723 Marriage and family therapy: scope of practice. Low Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
A- 2 AB-690 Marriage and family therapists: clinical social workers: professional clinical counselors. Arambula Senate - Pending Referral
A- 3 AB-1171 Rape of a spouse. Cristina Garcia Senate - Pending Referral