Assembly Floor Session Bills - 04/22/2021

Bills Returned: 124
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-430 Debt collection: identity theft. Grayson Senate - Pending Referral
2 AB-1207 Pathways Through Pandemics Task Force. Luz Rivas Assembly - Appropriations
3 AB-1422 Nurse-to-patient ratios. Gabriel Assembly - Appropriations
4 AB-383 Mental health: older adults. Salas Assembly - Appropriations
5 AB-1494 Blood banks: collection. Fong Assembly - Appropriations
6 AB-1388 COVID-19: death data. Low Assembly - Appropriations
7 AB-127 Arrest warrants: declaration of probable cause. Kamlager Senate - Pending Referral
8 AB-1210 Board of Parole Hearings: commissioners. Ting Senate - Pending Referral
9 AB-960 Medical parole. Ting Assembly - Appropriations
10 AB-990 Prisons: inmate visitation. Santiago Assembly - Appropriations
11 AB-1003 Wage theft: grand theft. Lorena Gonzalez Assembly - Appropriations
12 AB-1228 Supervised persons: release. Lee Assembly - Appropriations
13 AB-63 Marine resources: Marine Managed Areas Improvement Act: restoration activities. Petrie-Norris Senate - Pending Referral
14 AB-242 Public utilities. Holden Assembly - Third Reading
15 AB-296 Sales and use taxes: exclusion: pawnbrokers: transfer of vested property. Gipson Senate - Pending Referral
16 AB-298 Accountancy: California Board of Accountancy. Irwin Senate - Pending Referral
17 AB-306 School districts and community college districts: employee housing. O'Donnell Senate - Pending Referral
18 AB-317 Foster care. Patterson Senate - Pending Referral
19 AB-335 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: vessel information. Boerner Horvath Senate - Pending Referral
20 AB-441 Recreational water use: wave basins. Mayes Senate - Pending Referral
21 AB-445 Developmental services: information collection. Calderon Senate - Pending Referral
22 AB-466 Returns: unclaimed property. Petrie-Norris Senate - Pending Referral
23 AB-495 Alcoholic beverage control: licenses. Bigelow Senate - Pending Referral
24 AB-644 California MAT Re-Entry Incentive Program. Waldron Senate - Pending Referral
25 AB-673 Domestic violence. Salas Senate - Pending Referral
26 AB-742 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: School Supplies for Homeless Children Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Calderon Senate - Pending Referral
27 AB-957 Gaming Policy Advisory Committee. Salas Senate - Pending Referral
28 AB-1004 CalWORKs eligibility: income exemption: census. Calderon Senate - Pending Referral
29 AB-1058 Water corporations: bill payment options. Cristina Garcia Senate - Pending Referral
30 AB-1065 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Mental Health Crisis Prevention Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Maienschein Senate - Pending Referral
31 AB-1157 Controller: transportation funds: distribution and reporting requirements. Lee Senate - Pending Referral
32 AB-1170 Gaming Policy Advisory Committee. Bigelow Senate - Pending Referral
33 AB-1290 Student Aid Commission. Lee Senate - Pending Referral
34 AB-1291 State bodies: open meetings. Frazier Senate - Pending Referral
35 AB-1330 Beer manufacturers: sale of draught beer. Frazier Senate - Pending Referral
36 AB-1577 Commission on Judicial Performance. Committee on Judiciary Senate - Pending Referral
37 AB-1582 Income taxes: withholding: real property sales: Katz-Harris Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Act: report. Committee on Revenue and Taxation Senate - Pending Referral
38 AB-1583 Property taxation: equalized assessment roll: aircrafts. Committee on Revenue and Taxation Senate - Pending Referral
39 AB-1585 Health care. Committee on Health Senate - Pending Referral
40 AB-465 Professional fiduciaries: prelicensing and renewal or restoration: education. Nazarian Senate - Pending Referral
41 AB-535 Olive oil: labeling. Aguiar-Curry Assembly - Third Reading
42 AB-804 Free hunting days. Megan Dahle Senate - Pending Referral
43 AB-846 Local Agency Public Construction Act: job order contracting. Low Assembly - Third Reading
44 AB-857 Employers: Labor Commissioner: required disclosures. Kalra Senate - Pending Referral
45 AB-1402 Marketplace facilitator: fee collection. Levine Senate - Pending Referral
46 AB-1103 Agricultural lands: farmers and producers: agricultural pass program: disaster access to farmlands. Megan Dahle Assembly - Appropriations
47 AB-1454 The California Beverage Container and Litter Reduction Act. Bloom Assembly - Appropriations
48 AB-80 Taxation: Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act: Federal Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021. Burke Chaptered
49 AB-583 Remote marriage license issuance and solemnization. Chiu Assembly - Third Reading
50 AB-263 Private detention facilities. Arambula Senate - Pending Referral
51 AB-378 Public officials. Bauer-Kahan Senate - Pending Referral
52 AB-272 Enrollment agreements. Kiley Assembly - Third Reading
53 AB-1096 Alien: change of terms. Luz Rivas Assembly - Third Reading
54 AB-333 Participation in a criminal street gang: enhanced sentence. Kamlager Assembly - Third Reading
55 AB-669 Firearms: unsafe handguns. Lackey Assembly - Third Reading
56 AB-652 Product safety: juvenile products: chemicals: perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Friedman Assembly - Third Reading
57 AB-1200 Plant-based food packaging: cookware: hazardous chemicals. Ting Senate - Pending Referral
58 AB-1487 Legal Services Trust Fund Commission: Homelessness Prevention Fund: grants: eviction or displacement. Gabriel Assembly - Third Reading
59 AB-282 Misdemeanor diversion. Lackey Assembly - Third Reading
60 AB-1383 Community colleges: academic employees: involuntary administrative leave. Carrillo Senate - Pending Referral
61 AJR-1 Abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Kalra Assembly - Third Reading
62 AB-849 Skilled nursing facilities: intermediate care facilities: liability. Reyes Senate - Pending Referral
63 AB-371 Shared mobility devices: insurance and tracking. Jones-Sawyer Assembly - Third Reading
64 AB-389 Ambulance services. Grayson Assembly - Third Reading
65 AB-392 Clinical laboratories: total protein test: authorization. Nazarian Senate - Pending Referral
66 AB-3 Exhibition of speed on a highway: punishment. Fong Senate - Pending Referral
67 AB-122 Vehicles: required stops: bicycles. Boerner Horvath Senate - Pending Referral
68 AB-245 Educational equity: student records: name and gender changes. Chiu Assembly - Third Reading
69 AB-267 California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: prescribed fire, thinning, and fuel reduction projects. Valladares Senate - Pending Referral
70 AB-277 Domestic violence: victims: address confidentiality. Valladares Senate - Pending Referral
71 AB-326 Health care service plans: Consumer Participation Program. Luz Rivas Assembly - Third Reading
72 AB-518 Criminal law: violations punishable in multiple ways. Wicks Assembly - Third Reading
73 AB-855 Judicial holidays. Ramos Senate - Pending Referral
74 ACR-65 Limb Loss Awareness Month. Kiley Senate - Third Reading
75 AB-451 Health care facilities: treatment of psychiatric emergency medical conditions. Arambula Assembly - Third Reading
76 AB-914 Public postsecondary education: California State University: proficiency level of entering students. Irwin Assembly - Third Reading
77 AJR-9 Social Security. Cooper Assembly - Third Reading
78 AB-1034 Cannabis: retail preparation, sale, or consumption of noncannabis food and beverage products. Bloom Assembly - Third Reading
79 AJR-2 Coastal and marine waters: Santa Catalina Island: dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane. O'Donnell Senate - Rules
80 SB-51 Surplus residential property. Durazo Assembly - Third Reading
81 AB-1345 Emergency services: licensed childcare providers. Wicks Assembly - Appropriations
82 ACR-53 Purple Star School Program. Ward Senate - Education
83 AB-232 Off-highway vehicles: reciprocity. Gallagher Senate - Pending Referral
84 AB-246 Contractors: disciplinary actions. Quirk Senate - Pending Referral
85 AB-304 Contaminated sites: waste releases or surface or groundwater contamination: local oversight: remedial actions. Quirk Senate - Pending Referral
86 AB-332 Hazardous waste: treated wood waste: management standards. Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Assembly - Third Reading
87 AB-359 Physicians and surgeons: licensure: examination. Cooper Senate - Pending Referral
88 AB-381 Licensed facilities: duties. Davies Senate - Pending Referral
89 AB-382 Whole Child Model program. Kamlager Senate - Pending Referral
90 AB-429 Child support: access to records. Megan Dahle Senate - Pending Referral
91 AB-431 Forestry: timber harvesting plans: defensible space: exemptions. Patterson Senate - Pending Referral
92 AB-435 Hearing aids: locked programming software: notice. Mullin Senate - Pending Referral
93 AB-440 Bear Lake Reservoir: recreational use. Bigelow Senate - Pending Referral
94 AB-504 Solid waste: commercial and organic waste: recycling bins. McCarty Senate - Pending Referral
95 AB-532 Health care: fair billing policies. Wood Senate - Pending Referral
96 AB-543 Public postsecondary education: student orientation: CalFresh. Davies Senate - Pending Referral
97 AB-569 Contractors: civil penalties: letters of admonishment. Grayson Senate - Pending Referral
98 AB-591 Vessels: arrests. Villapudua Senate - Pending Referral
99 AB-627 Recognition of tribal court orders: rights in retirement plans or deferred compensation. Waldron Senate - Pending Referral
100 AB-638 Mental Health Services Act: early intervention and prevention programs. Quirk-Silva Senate - Pending Referral
101 AB-690 Marriage and family therapists: clinical social workers: professional clinical counselors. Arambula Assembly - Inactive
102 AB-698 Hazardous waste: small quantity generator. Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Senate - Pending Referral
103 AB-784 Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District. Quirk Senate - Pending Referral
104 AB-819 California Environmental Quality Act: notices and documents: electronic filing and posting. Levine Senate - Pending Referral
105 AB-831 California Retail Food Code. Committee on Health Senate - Pending Referral
106 AB-856 Pupil health: COVID-19 Youth Health Information Act. Maienschein Senate - Pending Referral
107 AB-1039 Model curricula: Vietnamese American refugee experience, the Cambodian genocide, and Hmong history and cultural studies. Nguyen Senate - Pending Referral
108 AB-1305 The Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act: exemption for DEA-approved commercial cannabis activity. Lackey Senate - Pending Referral
109 AB-1476 Park property: City of Modesto: Beard Brook Park. Gray Senate - Pending Referral
110 ACR-60 BeeWhere Month. Fong Senate - Third Reading
111 ACR-66 Child Abuse Prevention Month. Cooley Senate - Third Reading
112 AB-1563 Life insurance policy illustrations. Committee on Insurance Senate - Pending Referral
113 AB-414 Local government: county regional justice facilities. Maienschein Senate - Pending Referral
114 AB-464 Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts: allowable facilities and projects. Mullin Senate - Pending Referral
115 AB-527 Controlled substances. Wood Senate - Pending Referral
116 AB-761 County employees’ retirement: personnel: Orange County. Chen Senate - Pending Referral
117 ACR-19 National Purple Heart Trail. Gallagher Senate - Transportation
118 ACR-27 Farm-to-Fork Corridor. Gallagher Senate - Transportation
119 ACR-51 Dr. Sally Ride Memorial Highway. Gabriel Senate - Transportation
120 ACR-64 Harvey L. Hall Memorial Highway. Fong Senate - Transportation
121 SCR-17 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Leyva Chaptered
122 SCR-19 Equal Pay Day. Leyva Chaptered
123 SCR-20 Women and Girls in STEM Week. Ochoa Bogh Chaptered
A- 1 AB-723 Marriage and family therapy: scope of practice. Low Assembly - Inactive