Asm. Check-in Session Bills - 04/17/2018

Bills Returned: 111
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-2262 Coast Life Support District Act: urgent medical care services. Wood Senate - Died
2 AB-2598 Cities and counties: ordinances: violations. Quirk Chaptered
3 AB-2710 Warrants. Obernolte Chaptered
4 AB-2341 California Environmental Quality Act: aesthetic impacts. Mathis Chaptered
5 AB-2151 Hunting: reduced-price antelope, elk, bear, and bighorn sheep tags: resident junior hunters. Gray Chaptered
6 AB-1979 Personal income taxes: gross income exclusion: homeownership savings accounts. Bonta Assembly - Died - Appropriations
7 AB-2689 Contribution and gift ban: Senate or Assembly confirmation. Gray Vetoed
8 AB-3013 Veterinary medicine: animal physical rehabilitation. Chu Assembly - Died - Appropriations
9 AB-2499 Health care coverage: medical loss ratios. Arambula Chaptered
10 AB-2414 Income taxes: credits: attic vent closures. Choi Assembly - Died - Appropriations
11 AB-2123 District-based elections. Cervantes Chaptered
12 AB-2880 Political Reform Act of 1974: local enforcement. Harper Chaptered
13 AB-2471 Pupil health: School-Based Pupil Support Services Program Act. Thurmond Assembly - Died - Appropriations
14 AB-1933 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: recycling infrastructure projects. Maienschein Chaptered
15 AB-2908 Tire recycling: California tire regulatory fee and waste tire program. Berman Vetoed
16 AB-2498 School employees: School Social Worker Pilot Program. Eggman Assembly - Died - Appropriations
17 AB-2239 Pupil instruction: world language courses: A–G course certification. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
18 AB-2910 Public Utilities Commission: telecommunications service: natural disasters: reports. Wood Senate - Died - Energy, Utilities and Communications
19 AB-1771 Planning and zoning: regional housing needs assessment. Bloom Chaptered
20 SB-16 Wage garnishment restrictions: exempt earnings: student loans. Wieckowski Assembly - Died
21 ACA-10 Elections: voter qualifications. Low Assembly - Died
22 SB-328 Pupil attendance: school start time. Portantino Senate - Unfinished Business
23 SB-298 Enforcement of money judgments: exemptions. Wieckowski Assembly - Died
24 AB-2362 Safe transportation of dogs and cats. Rubio Vetoed
25 AB-2439 Official state LGBTQ Veterans Memorial. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
26 AB-2099 Mental health: detention and evaluation. Gloria Chaptered
27 AB-2791 Stray animals: impoundment: puppies: kittens. Muratsuchi Chaptered
28 AB-1947 Petitions: compensation for signatures. Low Vetoed
29 AB-2001 Family child care home education networks. Reyes Senate - Died - Appropriations
30 AB-2103 Firearms: license to carry concealed. Gloria Chaptered
31 AB-2274 Division of community property: pet animals. Quirk Chaptered
32 AB-1893 Maternal mental health: federal funding. Maienschein Chaptered
33 AB-2298 Parent-child relationship: assisted reproduction agreement for gestational carriers. Chau Vetoed
34 AB-2779 Recycling: single-use plastic beverage container caps. Mark Stone Assembly - Died
35 AB-2943 Unlawful business practices: sexual orientation change efforts. Low Assembly - Died
36 AB-2302 Child abuse: sexual assault: mandated reporters: statute of limitations. Baker Chaptered
37 AB-2867 Criminal procedure: postconviction relief. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
38 AB-2972 Vehicles: enforcement: motorcycle profiling. Caballero Assembly - Died
39 AB-2213 Firearms: ammunition sales. Cooley Senate - Died - Appropriations
40 AB-2286 Civil actions: service of notice or other paper. Chen Chaptered
41 AB-2595 Wards: confinement. Obernolte Chaptered
42 ACR-200 Child Abuse Prevention Month. Baker Chaptered
43 ACR-213 Autism: sensory-friendly movie screenings. Grayson Chaptered
44 AB-2376 Civil actions: provisional remedies: injunctions. Mark Stone Chaptered
45 AB-3007 Children of incarcerated parents: support and services. Eduardo Garcia Assembly - Died
46 AB-1993 Secondhand goods: tangible personal property: dealers. Gipson Chaptered
47 AB-2137 Regional park and open-space districts: general manager: powers. Mayes Chaptered
48 AB-2600 Regional park and open space districts. Flora Chaptered
49 HR-100   Quirk Assembly - Passed
50 SB-606 Water management planning. Hertzberg Chaptered
51 SCR-120 California Safe Digging Month. Hill Chaptered
52 SCR-88 Black April Memorial Month. Nguyen Chaptered
53 AB-1770 Local government: investments. Steinorth Chaptered
54 AB-2249 Public contracts: local agencies: alternative procedure. Cooley Chaptered
55 SCR-116 Month of the Military Child. Nguyen Chaptered
56 AB-2393 Mental health. Committee on Health Chaptered
57 AB-1787 Reporting: Valley Fever. Salas Chaptered
58 AB-1788 Public health: Valley Fever. Salas Chaptered
59 AB-1791 Physicians and surgeons: continuing education. Waldron Chaptered
60 AB-1861 Pupil instruction: human trafficking: use of social media and mobile device applications. Rodriguez Chaptered
61 AB-1914 Underground installations: excavations. Flora Chaptered
62 AB-2285 Teacher credentialing: out-of-state prepared teachers: clear credential. O'Donnell Chaptered
63 AB-2300 Continuing education: veterinarians. Maienschein Chaptered
64 AB-2311 Medicine: trainees: international medical graduates. Arambula Chaptered
65 AB-2373 Dissolution of marriage and legal separation: disclosure of assets and liabilities. Acosta Senate - Died - Judiciary
66 AB-2476 Health and care facilities. Rubio Senate - Died - Health
67 AB-2535 High-occupancy toll lanes: notice of toll evasion violation. Obernolte Chaptered
68 AB-2544 Parking penalties. Lackey Chaptered
69 AB-2557 Corporations: directors. Maienschein Chaptered
70 AB-2561 Vital records: local registrar: copy of records. Flora Chaptered
71 AB-2660 Hazardous waste: surplus household consumer products. Quirk Senate - Died - Environmental Quality
72 AB-2705 Contractors: violations. Holden Chaptered
73 AB-2862 Credit unions: investments and exemptions. Limón Chaptered
74 AB-3017 Qualified medical supplies providers: sales taxes: repayment. Acosta Senate - Died - Rules
A- 1 SB-642 Civil actions: renewal of judgments. Wieckowski Assembly - Died
A- 2 SB-381 Victims of crime: indemnification: applications. De León Assembly - Died
A- 3 SB-152 Transactions and use taxes: County of Sonoma. McGuire Chaptered
A- 4 SB-165 Highways: surplus nonresidential property. Portantino Assembly - Died - Transportation
A- 5 SB-261 Common interest developments: governance. Roth Chaptered
A- 6 ACR-99 Native Sons of the Golden West. Bigelow Assembly - Died
A- 7 SB-675 Electronic benefits transfer system. Skinner Assembly - Died
A- 8 SB-24 Political Reform Act of 1974: economic interest disclosure. Portantino Assembly - Died
A- 9 SB-437 Health care coverage: joint senior level working group. Atkins Assembly - Died
A- 10 SB-377 Lead-based paint. Monning Assembly - Died
A- 11 AB-183 Bill of Rights for State Excluded Employees. Lackey Vetoed
A- 12 SB-473 California Endangered Species Act. Hertzberg Chaptered
A- 13 SB-790 Dreissenid mussel infestation prevention: grants. McGuire Chaptered
A- 14 SB-632 Civil discovery: depositions. Monning Assembly - Died
A- 15 SB-579 Water quality control plans: alternative measures. Galgiani Assembly - Died - Rules
A- 16 SB-76 Vehicles: driver’s licenses and foreign vehicle registrations. Bates Assembly - Died - Transportation
A- 17 SB-349 Courthouses: Privilege from civil arrest. Lara Senate - Unfinished Business
A- 18 SB-573 Student financial aid: student service programs. Lara Assembly - Died
A- 19 SB-273 Marriage and domestic partnership: minors. Hill Chaptered
A- 20 SB-646 State Civil Service Act: adverse action: notice. Galgiani Assembly - Died
A- 21 SB-651 Initiative, referendum, and recall petitions: disclosures. Allen Assembly - Died
A- 22 SB-288 Health coverage: small employers. Hernandez Assembly - Died
A- 23 SB-771 California Environmental Quality Act: continuing education: public employees. De León Assembly - Died
A- 24 SB-607 Pupil discipline: suspensions and expulsions: willful defiance. Skinner Senate - Unfinished Business
A- 25 SB-715 Vehicular air pollution: regulations: exemption. Delgado Senate - Unfinished Business
A- 26 SB-244 Privacy: personal information. Lara Chaptered
A- 27 SB-548 Public Employment Relations Board: petitions: expedited resolution. Atkins Assembly - Died
A- 28 SB-774 Research program: firefighting: wildland and wildland-urban interface. Leyva Senate - Unfinished Business
A- 29 SB-772 Occupational safety and health: regulations. Leyva Assembly - Died
A- 30 SB-277 Land use: zoning regulations. Bradford Assembly - Died
A- 31 SJR-13 White nationalist and neo-Nazi groups: prosecution. Skinner Assembly - Died
A- 32 SB-134 Regional center contracts. Hernandez Chaptered
A- 33 SB-116 Budget Act of 2017. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Died
A- 34 SB-118 Cannabis: licenses: criminal records. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Died
A- 35 SB-120 Water conveyance: use of facility with unused capacity. Roth Senate - Died - Appropriations
A- 36 SB-121 Education: Child care: individualized county child care subsidy plans: the Every Kid Counts (EKC) Act. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Died
A- 37 SB-465 Property Assessed Clean Energy Program: wildfire safety improvements. Jackson Chaptered