Asm. Check-in Session Bills - 04/07/2021

Bills Returned: 30
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-984 Vehicle identification and registration: alternative devices. Luz Rivas Senate - Transportation
2 AB-1203 Property taxation: assessment appeals board: qualifications: County of Los Angeles. Burke Senate - Governance and Finance
3 AB-1020 Health care debt and fair billing. Friedman Senate - Health
4 AB-1096 Alien: change of terms. Luz Rivas Senate - Third Reading
5 AB-1455 Sexual assault by law enforcement officers: actions against public entities: statute of limitations. Wicks Senate - Judiciary
6 AB-272 Enrollment agreements. Kiley Senate - Third Reading
7 AB-1318 Deferred entry of judgment pilot program. Stone Senate - Judiciary
8 AB-1079 Trusts: revocation. Gallagher Senate - Judiciary
9 AB-583 Remote marriage license issuance and solemnization. Davies Senate - Third Reading
10 AB-493 Health insurance. Wood Senate - Health
11 AB-253 Animal welfare. Patterson Senate - Public Safety
12 AB-263 Private detention facilities. Arambula Senate - Judiciary
13 AB-503 Wards: probation. Stone Senate - Public Safety
14 AB-251 Public postsecondary education: admission by exception. Choi Senate - Third Reading
15 AB-275 Classified community college employees. Medina Senate - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
16 AB-337 Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges. Medina Assembly - Passed
17 AB-378 Public officials. Bauer-Kahan Assembly - In Floor Process
18 ACR-56 California Holocaust Memorial Day. Gabriel Chaptered
19 AB-419 Criminal procedure: victim and witness privacy. Davies Senate - Public Safety
20 AB-726 Capital investment incentive program: qualified manufacturing facility. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Second Reading
21 SB-51 Surplus residential property. Durazo Assembly - Housing and Community Development
22 ACR-21 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge. Megan Dahle Senate - Transportation
23 AB-1102 Telephone medical advice services. Low Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
24 ACR-35 World Autism Awareness Day. Chau Chaptered
25 ACR-39 Roxie’s Wish: Drowning Prevention Week for Children. Holden Chaptered
26 HR-31 Low Assembly - Passed
27 AB-341 Credibility of witnesses: sexual conduct: social media content. Boerner Horvath Assembly - Passed
28 AB-302 San Diego Metropolitan Transit Development Board: regulation of for-hire vehicle and passenger jitney services. Ward Senate - Consent
29 AB-336 Enhanced infrastructure financing districts: public financing authority: members: joint powers authorities. Villapudua Assembly - Passed
30 AB-687 Joint powers authorities: Riverside County Housing Finance Trust. Seyarto Senate - Housing