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SR-47 (2021-2022)

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Enrolled  September 08, 2021
Passed  IN  Senate  September 07, 2021
Amended  IN  Senate  August 16, 2021


Senate Resolution
No. 47

Introduced by Senator Borgeas
(Coauthors: Senators Allen, Archuleta, Atkins, Bates, Becker, Cortese, Dahle, Dodd, Glazer, Grove, Hertzberg, Hueso, Hurtado, Jones, Kamlager, Laird, Limón, McGuire, Melendez, Newman, Nielsen, Ochoa Bogh, Pan, Roth, Rubio, Umberg, Wieckowski, Wiener, and Wilk)

July 15, 2021

Relative to the 20th Anniversary of September 11th.


SR 47, Borgeas.

WHEREAS, On September 11, 2021, the nation will observe the 20th anniversary of America’s darkest day and, in doing so, will honor the heroes and the casualties of the most shocking, barbaric, and catastrophic act of inhumanity in modern history; and
WHEREAS, The 20th anniversary will serve to recall the uniting of the world’s cultures and nationalities in the condemnation of terrorism, and the great outpouring of charity and compassion that followed the attacks on the World Trade Center, which demonstrated, once again, victory of the human spirit over depravity, savagery, and cowardice; and
WHEREAS, Twenty years ago, on September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked four separate airline flights, carrying 266 people, all bound for California; and
WHEREAS, All four flights crashed with no survivors, and almost 3,000 men, women, and children who were citizens of more than 70 countries were killed at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania; and
WHEREAS, These acts of terrorism caused the destruction of the two prominent World Trade Center towers, nearby buildings, a portion of the Pentagon building, and four airline jets, and the loss of innocent American lives and countless injuries to many others; and
WHEREAS, Over 400 public safety personnel gave their lives in response to those emergencies; and
WHEREAS, Twenty years after the attacks, Californians, Americans, and people around the world continue to mourn the tremendous loss of innocent life on that historic day; and
WHEREAS, These attacks were by far the deadliest terrorist attacks ever launched against the United States and, by targeting the symbols of American strength and success, were intended to assail the principles, values, and freedoms of the United States and the American people, intimidate our nation and our state, and weaken its resolve; and
WHEREAS, After 20 years, the thoughts and prayers of Californians remain with the victims of the September 11, 2001, attacks and with the victims’ families, friends, and loved ones; and
WHEREAS, Californians join the American public in pouring out their hearts in grief and sympathy for the family and friends of those who perished or suffered injuries in the attacks; and
WHEREAS, The Senate salutes and remembers the hundreds of heroic men and women of the police and fire departments, paramedics, and medical personnel who put their safety at risk and lost their lives or were seriously injured in their courageous efforts to protect and serve their fellow citizens; and
WHEREAS, The Senate is eternally grateful to the valiant men and women of our Armed Forces, those who have fallen, those who have been wounded, and those who continue to combat terrorism around the world; and
WHEREAS, It is fitting at this point in history for all Americans to remind themselves that the United States is a nation of healing, hope, and resilience; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, That the Senate acknowledges the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001; and be it further
Resolved, That the Senate continues to recognize September 11th of each year as a day of remembrance and service, and calls upon all Californians to participate in appropriate observances to remember those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as a symbol of our love for them, their families, and our own communities, cities, and nation; and be it further
Resolved, That the Senate encourages Californians to honor the memory of those who died by observing September 11, 2021, with an act of service to their fellow Californians, whether that act is donating blood, visiting a nursing or veteran’s home, volunteering at a children’s hospital, mentoring neighborhood students, donating clothing to a homeless shelter, or some other act of giving; and be it further
Resolved, That the Senate expresses thanks and gratitude to the foreign leaders and citizens of all nations who have assisted and continue to stand in solidarity with the United States against terrorism in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11, 2001, and asks them to continue to stand with the United States against international terrorism; and be it further
Resolved, That the Senate reaffirms that the American people will never forget the sacrifices made on September 11, 2001; and be it further
Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.