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ACR-78 Senior Malnutrition Awareness Day(2021-2022)

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Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 78

Relative to Senior Malnutrition Awareness Day.

[ Filed with Secretary of State  May 21, 2021. ]


ACR 78, Eduardo Garcia. Senior Malnutrition Awareness Day
This measure would designate May 4, 2021, as Senior Malnutrition Awareness Day.
Fiscal Committee: NO  

WHEREAS, Leading health and nutrition experts agree that nutrition is a direct measure of patient health and that good nutrition can keep older adults healthy and out of institutionalized health care facilities, thus reducing health care costs; and
WHEREAS, Inadequate or unbalanced nutrition, known as malnutrition, is predominant in vulnerable populations, such as older adults, hospitalized patients, and minority populations, and those populations statistically experience the highest cases of severe chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease; and
WHEREAS, Illness, injury, and malnutrition can result in the loss of lean body mass, leading to complications that impact patient health outcomes, including poor recovery from surgery, illness, and disease, and
WHEREAS, Older adults lose lean body mass more quickly and to a greater extent than younger adults, and weight assessments, including body weight and body mass index, can overlook accurate indicators of lean body mass; and
WHEREAS, The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) defines malnutrition, also known as undernutrition, in adults as a condition in which adult patients lack adequate calories, protein, or other nutrients needed for tissue maintenance and repair; and
WHEREAS, Despite the recognized link between good nutrition and good health, nutrition screening treatment has not been incorporated as a part of routine medical treatment across the spectrum of health care; and
WHEREAS, Raising awareness of the risk factors of malnutrition, including poor appetite, low body weight, loss of muscle and fat, bone loss, and inadequate access to healthy food, can assist friends and family members identify malnutrition in a loved one; and
WHEREAS, May 4, 2021, is the Sixth Annual Senior Rally Day at the California State Capitol, and will focus on senior issues across the state, with a special emphasis on food insecurity; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate thereof concurring, That the Legislature hereby designates May 4, 2021, as Senior Malnutrition Awareness Day in order to encourage Californians and health care workers to recognize malnutrition in vulnerable seniors and raise awareness of this critical issue; and be it further
Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit a copy of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.