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AB-1752 South Coast Water District.(2019-2020)

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Date Published: 10/04/2019 02:00 PM

Assembly Bill No. 1752

An act to add and repeal Section 31049.1 of the Water Code, relating to local government.

[ Approved by Governor  October 03, 2019. Filed with Secretary of State  October 03, 2019. ]


AB 1752, Petrie-Norris. South Coast Water District.
Existing law, the County Water District Law, provides for the formation and operation of county water districts, and specifies the powers and purposes of those districts. Existing law authorizes a district to make and perform any agreement with the state or any agency thereof, any public or private corporation of any kind, and any person for the joint construction, acquisition, disposition, or operation of any property or works of a kind that may be constructed, acquired, disposed of, or operated by the district.
Existing law authorizes a governmental agency to solicit proposals and enter into agreements with private entities for the design, construction, or reconstruction of, and to lease to private entities, specified types of fee-producing infrastructure projects. Existing law prohibits a state agency or specified governmental agencies from using this authorization to design, construct, finance, or operate a state project, as specified.
This bill would specifically authorize the South Coast Water District to contract for the Doheny Ocean Desalination Project until January 1, 2025. The bill would authorize the district to use the method described above relating to agreements with private entities for this project. The bill would also require the district to utilize a skilled and trained workforce for this project in accordance with existing procedures.
This bill would make legislative findings and declarations as to the necessity of a special statute for the South Coast Water District.
Vote: MAJORITY   Appropriation: NO   Fiscal Committee: NO   Local Program: NO  

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:


 Section 31049.1 is added to the Water Code, to read:

 (a) The South Coast Water District may contract for the Doheny Ocean Desalination Project in compliance with the following:
(1) Chapter 14 (commencing with Section 5956) of Division 6 of Title 1 of the Government Code, except that the Doheny Ocean Desalination Project shall not constitute a state project within the meaning of Section 5956.10 of the Government Code.
(2) Chapter 2.9 (commencing with Section 2600) of Part 1 of Division 2 of the Public Contract Code.
(3) This division.
(b) This section shall remain in effect only until January 1, 2025, and as of that date is repealed.

SEC. 2.

 The Legislature finds and declares that a special statute is necessary and that a general statute cannot be made applicable within the meaning of Section 16 of Article IV of the California Constitution because of the unique needs of the South Coast Water District in meeting the water supply reliability needs of southern California.