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SR-8 (2015-2016)

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Enrolled  January 16, 2015
Passed  IN  Senate  January 16, 2015


Senate Resolution
No. 8

Introduced by Senator De León

January 12, 2015

Relative to the Standing Rules of the Senate for the 2015–16 Regular Session


SR 8, De León.

Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, That the Standing Rules of the Senate for the 2015–16 Regular Session are amended as follows:
That Rule 12 is amended to read:

Standing Committees

12.   The standing committees of the Senate and subjects to be referred to each are set out below. The provisions set forth below as to the assignment of bills are intended as a guide to the Committee on Rules, but are not binding upon the committee.
(1) Agriculture, 5 members. Bills relating to agriculture.
(2) Appropriations, 7 members. Bills that are subject to Joint Rule 10.5 and are not referred to the Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review. Bills that constitute a state-mandated local program.
(3) Banking and Financial Institutions, 7 members. Bills relating to financial institutions, lending, and corporations.
(4) Budget and Fiscal Review, 16 members. The Budget Bill and bills implementing the Budget. Bills that directly affect the State Budget, including deficiencies and reappropriations.
(5) Business, Professions and Economic Development, 9 members. Bills relating to business and professional practices, licensing, and regulations. Bills relating to economic development, commerce, and international trade.
(6) Education, 9 members. Bills relating to education, higher education, and related programs. Bills relating to education employee issues and collective bargaining.
(7) Elections and Constitutional Amendments, 5 members. Bills relating to elections and constitutional amendments, ballot measures, the Political Reform Act of 1974, and elected officials.
(8) Energy, Utilities and Communications, 11 members. Bills relating to public utilities and carriers, energy companies, alternative energy development and conservation, and communications development and technology.
(9) Environmental Quality, 7 members. Bills relating to environmental quality, environmental health, air quality, water quality, waste management, recycling, toxics, and hazardous materials and waste.
(10) Governance and Finance, 7 members. Bills relating to local government procedure, administration, and organization. Bills relating to land use. Bills relating to state and local revenues, bonds, and taxation.
(11) Governmental Organization, 11 members. Bills relating to horse racing, public gaming, and alcoholic beverages. Bills relating to the management of public safety emergencies and disaster response. Bills relating to state government organization and bills regarding the use of state-controlled lands and buildings, state contracting, and interstate compacts.
(12) Health, 9 members. Bills relating to public health, alcohol and drug use, mental health, health insurance, managed care, long-term care, and related institutions.
(13) Human Services, 5 members. Bills relating to welfare, social services and support, and related institutions.
(14) Insurance, 9 members. Bills relating to insurance, indemnity, surety, and warranty agreements.
(15) Judiciary, 7 members. Bills amending the Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Evidence Code, Family Code, and Probate Code. Bills relating to courts, judges, and court personnel. Bills relating to liens, claims, and unclaimed property. Bills relating to privacy and consumer protection.
(16) Labor and Industrial Relations, 5 members. Bills relating to labor, industrial safety, unemployment, workers’ compensation and insurance, and noncertificated public school employees.
(17) Natural Resources and Water, 9 members. Bills relating to conservation and the management of public resources, fish and wildlife, regulation of oil, mining, geothermal development, wetlands and lakes, global atmospheric effects, ocean and bay pollution, coastal resources, forestry practices, recreation, parks, and historical resources. Bills relating to water supply management.
(18) Public Employment and Retirement, 5 members. Bills relating to state and local public agency collective bargaining; state and local non-school public employees; classified public school employees; public retirement systems; public employees’ compensation and employment benefits, including retirement and health care; and state social security administration.
(19) Public Safety, 7 members. Bills amending the Evidence Code, relating to criminal procedure; the Penal Code; and statutes of a penal nature. Bills relating to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Board of State and Community Corrections.
(20) Rules, 5 members. Proposed amendments to the rules and other matters relating to the business of the Legislature.
(21) Transportation and Housing, 11 members. Bills relating to the operation, safety, equipment, transfer of ownership, licensing, and registration of vehicles, aircraft, and vessels. Bills relating to the Department of Transportation and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Bills relating to highways, public transportation systems, and airports. Bills relating to housing and community redevelopment.
(22) Veterans Affairs, 5 members. Bills relating to veterans, military affairs, and armories. Bills amending the Military and Veterans Code.
The standing committees of any regular session shall be the standing committees of concurrent special or extraordinary sessions unless otherwise ordered by the Senate.