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ACR-115 California Museum Month.(2013-2014)

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Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 115

Relative to California Museum Month.

[ Filed with Secretary of State  June 10, 2014. ]


ACR 115, Ian Calderon. California Museum Month.
This measure would recognize the essential role that museums have in the State of California as educational institutions and would proclaim May 2014 as California Museum Month.
Fiscal Committee: NO  

WHEREAS, California is home to over 1,400 museums that are located in every county and region throughout the state and serve millions of visitors annually; and
WHEREAS, California museums represent a multitude of learning experiences, including art museums, zoos, aquaria, historical societies, science centers, botanical gardens, children’s museums, and cultural centers; and
WHEREAS, California museums help the state meet its obligations in the field of education by serving over 2 million schoolchildren in kindergarten and grades 1 to 12, inclusive, and over 1 million college and university students per year through field trips and outreach programs; and
WHEREAS, Two-thirds of California museums partner with schools and school districts to provide valuable and relevant educational programs that serve their local students and enhance instruction provided by the public sector; and
WHEREAS, Americans view museums as one of the most trustworthy sources of objective information, and, after their families, the most significant in creating a strong connection to the past; and
WHEREAS, California museums foster dialogue, inspire utilization of critical thinking skills, and support exploration to advance knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of history, science, the arts, and the natural world; and
WHEREAS, California museums, through exhibitions and programs, provide access to educational opportunities, exciting and hands-on learning experiences, information, and the cultural and natural heritage that define us as a state; and
WHEREAS, California museums provide a spark that inspires the future generations of scientists, artists, politicians, historians, and entrepreneurs; and
WHEREAS, The California Association of Museums has served to bring important recognition of this commemorative month and invites all museums, museum service organizations, California residents, and local governments to use this milestone to recognize and celebrate the essential role California museums play as educational institutions as they serve communities, the nation, and the world; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate thereof concurring, That the Legislature recognizes the essential role that museums have in the State of California as educational institutions and proclaims May 2014 as California Museum Month; and be it further
Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit copies of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.