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SB-588 Sex Offender Management Board. (2009-2010)

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Senate Bill No. 588

An act to repeal Section 9003 of the Penal Code, relating to sex offenders.

[ Approved by Governor  October 11, 2009. Filed with Secretary of State  October 11, 2009. ]


SB 588, Committee on Public Safety. Sex Offender Management Board.
Existing law establishes the Sex Offender Management Board, as specified, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The purpose of the board is to address issues, concerns, and problems related to the community management of the state’s adult sex offenders, with a goal of safer communities and reduced victimization. Existing law requires the board to conduct a thorough assessment of current management practices for adult sex offenders and to submit a report to the Legislature on that assessment. Under existing law, the board is also required to develop recommendations to improve management practices for those offenders, as specified, and the provisions creating the board remain effective only until January 1, 2010.
This bill would delete the repeal date of January 1, 2010, thereby making those provisions operative indefinitely.
Vote: MAJORITY   Appropriation: NO   Fiscal Committee: YES   Local Program: NO  

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:


 Section 9003 of the Penal Code is repealed.