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SB-81 Corrections.(2007-2008)

Date Action
08/24/07 Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter 175, Statutes of 2007.
08/24/07 Approved by Governor.
08/22/07 Enrolled. To Governor at 2:30 p.m.
08/21/07 Senate concurs in Assembly amendments. (Ayes 36. Noes 3. Page 2017.) To enrollment.
08/21/07 Urgency clause adopted.
07/21/07 Reconsideration granted. (Ayes 40. Noes 0. Page 1932.)
07/21/07 Motion to reconsider made by Senator Romero.
07/21/07 Senate refuses to concur in Assembly amendments. (Ayes 25. Noes 14. Page 1932.)
07/21/07 Urgency clause refused adoption.
07/20/07 In Senate. To unfinished business.
07/20/07 Read third time. Urgency clause adopted. Passed. (Ayes 73. Noes 4. Page 2601.) To Senate.
07/19/07 Read third time. Amended. (Page 2550.) To third reading.
07/19/07 Withdrawn from committee. Ordered placed on third reading.
07/16/07 From committee with author's amendments. Read second time. Amended. Re-referred to Com. on RLS.
07/16/07 To Com. on RLS.
04/19/07 In Assembly. Read first time. Held at Desk.
04/19/07 Read third time. Passed. (Ayes 30. Noes 6. Page 639.) To Assembly.
04/18/07 To Special Consent Calendar.
04/16/07 Read second time. To third reading.
04/12/07 Withdrawn from committee. Ordered placed on second reading.
01/25/07 To Com. on RLS.
01/18/07 From print. May be acted upon on or after February 17.
01/17/07 Introduced. Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment. To print.