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AB-351 Gambling: horse racing.(2021-2022)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 19596.2 of the Business and Professions Code is amended to read:

 (a) Notwithstanding any other law and except as provided in Section 19596.4, a thoroughbred racing association or fair may distribute the audiovisual signal and accept wagers on the results of out-of-state thoroughbred races conducted in the United States during the calendar period the association or fair is conducting a race meeting, including days on which there is no live racing being conducted by the association or fair, without the consent of the organization that represents horsemen and horsewomen participating in the race meeting and without regard to the amount of purses. Further, the total number of thoroughbred races imported by associations or fairs on a statewide basis under this section shall not exceed 50 per day on days when live thoroughbred or fair racing is being conducted in the state. The limitation of 50 imported races per day does not apply to any of the following:
(1) Races imported for wagering purposes pursuant to subdivision (c).
(2) Races imported that are part of the race card of the Kentucky Derby, the Kentucky Oaks, the Preakness Stakes, the Belmont Stakes, the Jockey Club Gold Cup, the Travers Stakes, the Arlington Million, the Breeders’ Cup, the Dubai World  Cup, the Arkansas Derby, the Apple Blossom Handicap, the Pegasus World Cup,  or the Haskell Invitational.
(3) Races imported into the northern zone when there is no live thoroughbred or fair racing being conducted in the northern zone.
(4) Races imported into the combined central and southern zones when there is no live thoroughbred or fair racing being conducted in the combined central and southern zones.
(b) Any thoroughbred association or fair accepting wagers pursuant to subdivision (a) shall conduct the wagering in accordance with the applicable provisions of Sections 19601, 19616, 19616.1, and 19616.2.
(c) No thoroughbred association or fair may accept wagers pursuant to this section on out-of-state races commencing after 7 p.m., Pacific standard time, without the consent of the harness or quarter horse racing association that is then conducting a live racing meeting in the Counties of  Orange or Sacramento Counties. Sacramento. 

SEC. 2.

 Section 19605.25 of the Business and Professions Code is amended to read:

 (a) The California Horse Racing Board  board  may approve an additional 15 minisatellite wagering sites in each zone, if all of the following conditions are met:
(1) No site is within 20 miles of a racetrack, a satellite wagering facility, or a tribal casino that has a satellite wagering facility. If the proposed minisatellite wagering  facility is within 20 miles of one of the above-referenced satellite facilities, then the consent of each facility within a 20-mile radius must be given before the proposed minisatellite wagering  facility may be approved by the board.
(2) An agreement in accordance with subdivision (a) of Section 19605.3 has been executed and approved by the board. In addition to the requirements set forth in that provision, the agreement shall specify which components of its racing program, including live, out-of-zone, out-of-state, and out-of-country races, an association or fair will make available to the site. The terms and condition conditions  of the agreement, including all fees payable pursuant to paragraph (3) of that provision, a portion of which may be paid to horsemen in the form of purses, shall be subject to the approval of the horsemen’s organization responsible for negotiating purse agreements with the association or fair.
(3) The site is approved by the board.
(4) The wagers are accepted in an area that is accessible only to those who are at least 21 years of age.
(5) The board has approved the accommodation, equipment used in conducting wagering at the site, communications system, technology, and method used by the site to accept wagers and transmit odds, results, and other data related to wagering.
(b) Parimutuel clerks shall be available to service the self-service tote machines at these locations, and to cash wagering vouchers on a regularly scheduled basis.
(c) Until January 1, 2013, if the proposed minisatellite wagering site is in the northern zone in a fair district where the fair has operated a satellite wagering facility for the previous five years, the approval of the fair must be obtained even if the proposed location is more than 20 miles from the existing satellite wagering facility operated by the fair.
(d) (c)  For purposes of commissions, deductions, and distribution of handle, wagers placed at minisatellite wagering  sites shall be treated as if they were placed at satellite wagering facilities authorized under Section 19605, 19605.1, or 19605.2. Section 19608.4 shall apply to minisatellite wagering facilities.
(e) (d)  The written consent of the San Mateo County Fair shall be obtained prior to  before  the approval of any minisatellite wagering site located within a 20-mile radius of its fairground.
(f) (e)  Minisatellite wagering facilities created pursuant to this section are not eligible for satellite wagering commission distributions pursuant to Section 19604.
(g) (f)  The board, in adopting regulations to implement this section, shall minimize the expense to both the operator of the minisatellite wagering  facility and the host racetrack.
(h) (g)  If there are more than 15 applications for minisatellite wagering facilities in any zone, the board shall determine which facilities will generate the largest handle, and give priority to the approval of those facilities. The board shall license a minisatellite wagering  facility for up to five years, and then review the operation and the size of the handle, and determine if it is in the best interest of horse racing to relicense the facility or, in the alternative, license another minisatellite wagering  facility that might generate a greater handle.
(i) (h)  Except as may be provided in the agreement required pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision (a), no association or fair shall be required to make all or part of its racing program available to a minisatellite wagering facility. Notwithstanding subdivision (e) of Section 19608.2, all costs incurred by the organization executing that agreement in excess of the amounts distributable to the organization from wagers placed at the site on that racing program, shall be borne by the minisatellite wagering facility.