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AB-1429 State agency records: management coordinator duties: personnel training.(2021-2022)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 12274.5 of the Government Code is amended to read:

 A Records Management Coordinator of an agency shall do all of the following:
(a) (1) Upon initial appointment as a Records Management Coordinator, attend a minimum of 12 hours of records management training classes offered by the Secretary of State within 12 months of appointment.
(2) After the initial 12 months, attend a minimum of 4 hours of biennial records management training offered by the Secretary of State.
(3) Provide records management training to all agency personnel who prepare, own, use, or retain public records on behalf of the agency.
(4) Ensure that agency personnel complete the records management training required to be provided to them pursuant to paragraph (3) within 60 days of employment and complete a refresher records management training annually thereafter.
(b) Coordinate the agency’s records management program.
(c) Act as liaison between the agency and the California Records and Information Management Program (CalRIM), State Records Center (SRC), and the State Records Appraisal Program (SRAP) within the State Archives Division of the Secretary of State.
(d) Respond to questions from CalRIM, SRC, and SRAP.
(e) Schedule CalRIM and SRAP training for agency staff who have records management duties.
(f) Review and approve agency records retention schedules before submission to CalRIM.
(g) Review and approve records retention schedules before submission to CalRIM.
(h) Review and approve agency destruction of records stored at the SRC.
(i) Facilitate annual disposition of agency records not stored at the SRC, including transfer of records to the SRC as well as destruction of records at the Document Destruction Center.
(j) Review and approve purchase or rental of filing equipment or shredders.
(k) Provide all requested reports, written justifications, requests for offsite storage approval, or any other retention schedule documentation to CalRIM or SRAP.
(l) Distribute announcements of records management activities.