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AB-1392 Proposed banks and trust companies: application.(2021-2022)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 1022 of the Financial Code is amended to read:

 Upon the filing of an application the commissioner shall make or cause to be made a careful investigation and examination relative to all of  the following:
(a) The character, reputation, and financial standing of the organizers or incorporators and their motives in seeking to organize the proposed bank or trust company.
(b) The need for banking or trust facilities or additional banking or trust facilities, as the case may be, giving particular consideration to the adequacy of existing banking or trust facilities and the need for further banking or trust facilities.
(c) The character, financial responsibility, banking or trust experience, and business qualifications of the proposed officers of the bank or trust company.
(d) The character, financial responsibility, business experience, and standing of the proposed stockholders and directors.
(e) Other facts and circumstances bearing on the proposed bank or trust company and its relation to the locality as in the opinion of the commissioner may be relevant.