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SB-572 Department of Veterans Affairs: use of real property.(2019-2020)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 713 of the Military and Veterans Code is amended to read:

 (a) By July 1, 2016, the department shall do both of the following:
(1) Create a list of unused or underutilized nonresidential real property owned by the department, including property on or near the premises of  existing department facilities.
(2) Propose one or more potential uses of those properties  the properties identified in paragraph (1)  that will benefit California veterans and make a preferred recommendation for use of each property, and in  property. In  doing so, consider uses the department shall consider uses,  including, but not limited to, the following services for veterans:
(A) Housing.
(B) Supportive services.
(C) Health care and mental health care.
(b) When identifying the unused or underutilized nonresidential real properties, the department shall consider its inventory of properties as an integrated system, system  and shall address how prospective uses of the properties could complement each other.
(c) The list of options shall be structured as a prioritized list of projects determined by the department to constitute appropriate uses for the properties identified in the plan. identified properties. 
(d) The Legislature finds and declares that after a use option for a given location is identified pursuant to this section, further study and evaluation may be necessary in order to fully determine the feasibility of that use option and take steps toward its implementation.