Today's Law As Amended

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ACA-12 Death penalty. (2019-2020)

As Amends the Law Today


 That Section 27 of Article I thereof is repealed.

SEC. 27.
 All statutes of this State in effect on February 17, 1972, requiring, authorizing, imposing, or relating to the death penalty are in full force and effect, subject to legislative amendment or repeal by statute, initiative, or referendum.
The death penalty provided for under those statutes shall not be deemed to be, or to constitute, the infliction of cruel or unusual punishments within the meaning of Article 1, Section 6 nor shall such punishment for such offenses be deemed to contravene any other provision of this constitution.


 That Section 27 is added to Article I thereof, to read:

SEC. 27.
 The death penalty shall not be imposed as a punishment for any violations of law.