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AB-483 Fire insurance.(2019-2020)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 2070 of the Insurance Code is amended to read:

 All fire policies on subject matter in California shall be on the standard form, form  and, except as provided by this article article,  shall not contain additions thereto. No  to the form. A  part of the standard form shall not  be omitted therefrom except that any  from the policy. However, a  policy providing coverage against the peril of fire only, or in combination with coverage against other perils, need is  not required to  comply with the provisions of the standard form of fire insurance policy or Section 2080; provided, that 2080 if the  coverage with respect to the peril of fire, when viewed in its entirety, is substantially equivalent to to,  or more favorable to the insured than than,  that contained in such the  standard form fire insurance policy.