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AB-1526 Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development: Restaurant Equity and Desegregation Program.(2019-2020)

As Amends the Law Today

 The Legislature finds and declares the following:
(a) The State of California is committed to ensuring that all who work in California can fully participate in economic and civic life.
(b) The State of California recognizes that its restaurant sector and culinary scene contribute significantly to its economic and cultural vibrancy, and that workers in the restaurant sector are indispensable to its continued growth and success.
(c) The State of California is committed to ensuring that all restaurant workers have equal access to transparent, merit-based hiring and promotions.
(d) Research demonstrates that long-lasting racial and gender disparities exist in both back and front of the house employment in the food service industry.

SEC. 2.

 Article 8 (commencing with Section 12100.70) is added to Chapter 1.6 of Part 2 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code, to read:

Article  8. The Restaurant Equity and Desegregation Program
 (a) The Restaurant Equity and Desegregation Program is hereby established within the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development.
(b) The purpose of this article is to foster workplace equity in California restaurants by providing recognition incentives to equitable employers.
 (a) In order to accomplish the purpose of this article, the office shall do all of the following:
(1) Annually promote a restaurant week during the month of January in order to highlight eligible restaurants. The office shall collaborate with private and public entities for the purpose of this paragraph.
(2) Provide official signage to eligible restaurants that eligible restaurants may display as they deem fit. The signage provided pursuant to this paragraph shall be developed in a manner as determined by the office and shall identify the eligible restaurant as an equitable employer and a participant in the program.
(3) Publish on its internet website a current list of all eligible restaurants.
(4) Develop the training and technical assistance course described in paragraph (1) of subdivision (b).
(5) Adopt rules and regulations to develop a procedure for restaurants to apply to participate in the program.
(b) For purposes of this article, “eligible restaurant” means a restaurant that satisfies all of the following:
(1) The owner, general manager, or upper management of the restaurant completes a qualifying training and technical assistance course developed by the office pursuant to paragraph (4) of subdivision (a) relating to the adoption of equitable business models.
(2) The owner of the restaurant enters into an agreement with the office to commit to improving workplace equity and mobility by implementing standard and transparent hiring, training, promotion, and evaluation practices.
(3) The owner of the restaurant submits to the office an assessment of the level of segregation in the restaurant in a manner as determined by the office. The restaurant shall submit the assessment to the office at the time of application for participation in the program and every six months thereafter in order to remain enrolled in the program. The content of the assessment shall not affect a restaurant’s eligibility for participation in the program.
(c) For purposes of this article, the following definitions shall apply:
(1) “Restaurant” means a food or beverage establishment that prepares, serves, and vends food or beverages directly to the consumer.
(2) “Program” means the Restaurant Equity and Desegregation Program.