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AB-1044 Elections: Secretary of State.(2019-2020)

As Amends the Law Today
As Amends the Law on Nov 18, 2019


 Section 2188.2 of the Elections Code is amended to read:

 (a) The Secretary of State shall adopt regulations that describe the best practices for storage and security of voter registration information received by an applicant pursuant to Section 2188.
(b) The Secretary of State may require an applicant to take a training course regarding data security as a condition for the receipt of voter registration information if that course is made available to the applicant at no cost to the applicant.

SEC. 2.

 Section 12172.5 of the Government Code is amended to read:

 (a) The Secretary of State is the chief elections officer of the state, and shall administer the provisions of the Elections Code. The Secretary of State shall see that elections are efficiently conducted and that state election laws are enforced. The Secretary of State may require elections officers to make reports concerning elections in their jurisdictions, which may include information about the identity of, and contact information for, the elections official who is responsible for conducting elections in the jurisdiction.
(b) If, at any time, the Secretary of State concludes that state election laws are not being enforced, the Secretary of State shall call the violation to the attention of the district attorney of the county or to the Attorney General. In these instances, the Secretary of State may assist the county elections officer in discharging the officer’s duties.
(c) In order to determine whether an elections law violation has occurred, the Secretary of State may examine voted, unvoted, spoiled and canceled ballots, vote-counting computer programs, vote by mail ballot envelopes and applications, and supplies referred to in Section 14432 of the Elections Code. The Secretary of State may also examine any other records of elections officials as the Secretary of State finds necessary in making a determination under this subdivision, subject to the restrictions set forth in Section 6253.5.
(d) The Secretary of State may adopt regulations to assure the uniform application and administration of state election laws.