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SB-771 California Environmental Quality Act: continuing education: public employees.(2017-2018)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 21098.5 is added to the Public Resources Code, to read:

 A public agency shall ensure that at least one of its employees who have been assigned the primary responsibility to administer this division pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 15025 of Title 14 of the California Code of Regulations complete at least two hours every two years of continuing education related to administration of this division. Continuing education may include any of the following:
(a) Courses offered, accredited, or approved by the American Institute of Certified Planners.
(b) Courses offered by continuing legal education providers accredited or approved by the State Bar.
(c) Courses offered by the University of California, including extension programs.
(d) Training courses or sets of self-study materials with tests offered in person or online by a local agency or association of local agencies.
SEC. 2.
 No reimbursement is required by this act pursuant to Section 6 of Article XIII B of the California Constitution because a local agency or school district has the authority to levy service charges, fees, or assessments sufficient to pay for the program or level of service mandated by this act, within the meaning of Section 17556 of the Government Code.