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SB-576 Jury commissioners: juror data collections and maintenance.(2017-2018)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 207 of the Code of Civil Procedure is amended to read:

 (a) The jury commissioner shall maintain records regarding selection, qualification, and assignment of prospective jurors.
(b) (1) The jury commissioner shall develop a single-page, anonymous form for the purpose of determining if the pool of prospective jurors who appear for jury service pursuant to a jury summons accurately represents a cross section of the population of the area served by the court.
(2) The jury commissioner shall provide the form to each prospective juror when he or she first appears for jury service pursuant to a jury summons.
(3) The jury commissioner shall use the form solely to collect the following information from a prospective juror:
(A) Race.
(B) Gender.
(C) Ethnicity.
(D) National origin.
(E) ZIP Code.
(4) The form shall not be used to collect any personally identifying information.
(5) A form that has been filled out by a prospective juror shall not be disclosed to any person, organization, or agency.
(6) Twice each year, the jury commissioner shall produce a report that aggregates the demographic data specified in paragraph (3). Each county court shall maintain a copy of the jury commissioner’s reports and make them publicly available.
(b) (c)  The jury commissioner shall maintain records providing a clear audit trail regarding a juror’s attendance, jury fees, and mileage.
(c) (d)  All records and papers maintained or compiled by the jury commissioner in connection with the selection or service of a juror may be kept on an electronic or microfilm medium and such records shall be preserved for at least three years after the list used in their selection is prepared, or for any longer period ordered by the court or the jury commissioner.