Today's Law As Amended

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AB-863 Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program.(2017-2018)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 75210 of the Public Resources Code is amended to read:

 The council shall develop and administer the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through projects that implement land use, housing, transportation, and agricultural land preservation practices to support infill and compact development, and that support related and coordinated public policy objectives, including the following:
(a) Reducing air pollution.
(b) Improving social, economic, and environmental  conditions in disadvantaged communities.
(c) Supporting or improving public health and other cobenefits as defined in Section 39712 of the Health and Safety Code.
(d) Improving connectivity and accessibility to jobs, housing, and services.
(e) Increasing options for mobility, including the implementation of the Active Transportation Program established pursuant to Section 2380 of the Streets and Highways Code.
(f) Increasing transit ridership.
(g) Preserving and developing affordable housing for lower income households, as defined in Section 50079.5 of the Health and Safety Code.
(h) Protecting agricultural lands to support infill development.

SEC. 2.

 Section 75213 of the Public Resources Code is amended to read:

 A project eligible for  receiving  funding pursuant to the program shall be encouraged to promote the objectives of Section 75210, 75210  and economic growth, reduce reducing  public fiscal costs, support  costs, encouraging individual economic security and upward mobility, employing local entrepreneurs and workers utilizing appropriate workforce training programs, supporting  civic partnerships and stakeholder engagement, and integrate integrating  and leverage leveraging  existing housing, transportation, and land use programs and resources.