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AB-3223 Special education: visually impaired pupils: braille: Unified English Braille.(2017-2018)

As Amends the Law Today
As Amends the Law on Nov 08, 2018


 Section 56350 of the Education Code is amended to read:

 Unless the context otherwise requires, the definitions set forth in this section shall govern the construction of this article.
(a) A “functionally blind pupil” means a pupil who relies basically on senses other than vision as major channels for learning.
(b) A “pupil with low vision” means a pupil who uses vision as a channel for learning, but who may also benefit from instruction in braille.
(c) A “visually impaired pupil” means a pupil who is functionally blind or a pupil with low vision. For purposes of this article, a “visually impaired pupil” does not include a pupil who is eligible for special education and related services based on a specific learning disability identified pursuant to Section 56338.
(d) (1) “Braille” means the system of reading and writing through touch commonly known as Unified English Braille.
(2) Nothing in paragraph (1) shall be construed to prohibit the use of Nemeth Code for Mathematics and Science Notation in the teaching of mathematics and science, the use of Music Braille Code, or the use of International Phonetic Alphabet Braille Code.