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AB-3205 School facilities: modernization projects: door locks.(2017-2018)

As Amends the Law Today
As Amends the Law on Nov 08, 2018


 Section 17583 is added to the Education Code, to read:

 (a) (1) If a governing board of a school district applies for state funding pursuant to Chapter 12.5 (commencing with Section 17070.10) of Part 10, for a school modernization project for a school facility constructed before January 1, 2012, the governing board of the school district shall include, as part of the modernization project, locks that allow doors to classrooms, and any room with an occupancy of five or more persons, to be locked from the inside of the room, except as provided in paragraph (2).
(2) The requirement in paragraph (1) does not apply to doors that are locked from the outside at all times, doors with locks that lock from inside, and pupil restrooms.
(b) The locks required by subdivision (a) shall conform to the specifications and requirements set forth in Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations.
(c) (1) The requirements of this section apply only to those projects seeking funding, as described in paragraph (1) of subdivision (a), on or after January 1, 2019, and that were submitted to the Division of the State Architect for approval on or after January 1, 2019.
(2) The requirements of this section shall apply only to those projects that propose to renovate, repair, or modernize the interior of a school building and do not apply to projects that only propose to renovate, repair, or modernize the exterior of a school building, the school grounds, or the playing fields of a school.