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AB-2784 California State University: Emergency Student Housing Loan Program.(2017-2018)

As Amends the Law Today

 (a) The Legislature finds and declares both of the following:
(1) According to the California State University (CSU), one in five CSU students experiences chronic hunger and one in 10 experiences homelessness.
(2) Research conducted at Stanford University found that state colleges like those within the CSU system offer the most proven pathways to upward social mobility, ensuring that individuals who graduate from the CSU have a higher likelihood of becoming self-sufficient and avoiding chronic homelessness.
(b) Therefore, it is the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation that would reduce the incidence of hunger and homelessness among college students in California.

SEC. 2.

 Article 4.5 (commencing with Section 89335) is added to Chapter 3 of Part 55 of Division 8 of Title 3 of the Education Code, to read:

Article  4.5. Emergency Student Housing Loan Program
 (a) For the purposes of this article:
(1) “Program” means the Emergency Student Housing Loan Program.
(2) “Homeless” means any of the following:
(A) An individual who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence.
(B) An individual who will imminently lose his or her primary nighttime residence.
(C) An individual who is fleeing, or is attempting to flee, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, or other dangerous or life-threatening conditions relating to violence against the individual or a family member.
(3) “Homelessness” means the state of being homeless, as defined in paragraph (2).
(4) “Rapid Rehousing” means a process to offer a student immediate, temporary assistance in order to help a student return to permanent housing, which may include, but is not limited to, housing search assistance, one-time financial assistance to offset move-in costs, ongoing financial assistance as needed to bridge the gap between family income and housing cost, and other supportive service or linkages to community resources to help a student develop the capacity to sustain housing stability.
(b) Contingent on an appropriation of state funds for this purpose, commencing with the 2019–20 academic year, three campuses of the California State University, as designated by the trustees, after consultation with the federal agency specified in subdivision (c), shall establish an Emergency Student Housing Loan Program pursuant to which a participating campus would design a program that would utilize rapid rehousing as a form of housing support for up to 12 months and that would enable students experiencing a housing crisis or emergency to receive a loan to pay for their housing during this time.
(c) The eligibility of a campus of the California State University for participation in this program is conditional on consultation by the participating campus with the regional United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Continuum of Care program.
(d) Payment for housing shall be administered directly by the campus to an entity constituting an identified housing solution for each participating student. For purposes of this subdivision, a housing solution shall not include either of the following:
(1) A homeless shelter.
(2) A hotel. For purposes of this paragraph, “hotel” means a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast inn, or other similar transient lodging establishment, but it does not include a residential hotel as defined in Section 50519 of the Health and Safety Code.
(e) To qualify for participation in the program, a California State University student shall comply with both of the following requirements:
(1) Be currently enrolled at a participating campus.
(2) Be able to demonstrate that he or she is undergoing an individual housing emergency. A student who would be eligible to receive the federal Pell Grant, whether or not the student currently receives the grant, in combination with one of the following housing emergencies, shall be prioritized first, and in the following order:
(A) Currently experiencing homelessness.
(B) Experiencing loss of housing due to natural disaster at the student’s place of residence while enrolled at a participating campus.
(C) Has a formal eviction action filed against him or her due to failure of payment, or for other financial reasons.
(f) The support provided by a participating campus of the California State University to a student who participates in the Emergency Student Housing Loan Program shall include monthly meetings between the participating student and the appropriate campus professional staff member.
(g) A loan awarded to a participating student shall be forgiven upon the recipient student’s completion of any academic semester or the equivalent during which the student receives loan assistance, or at the discretion of the individual campus or the chancellor’s office.
(h) In the event a loan is not forgiven, the campus shall determine the terms of loan repayment.
(i) The trustees shall submit a report to the appropriate policy and fiscal committees of the Legislature no later than June 30, 2022. The report shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, all of the following data:
(1) The number of students participating in the program in total, by campus, and disaggregated based on the following:
(A) Whether the student entered as a first-time freshman or a transfer student.
(B) Whether the student is a first-generation college student.
(C) Whether the student is a recipient of financial aid under the Federal Pell Grant Program (20 U.S.C. Sec. 1070a) or under the Ortiz-Pacheco-Poochigian-Vasconcellos Cal Grant Program established in Chapter 1.7 (commencing with Section 69430) of Part 42 of Division 5.
(D) According to the student’s ethnicity.
(E) Whether the participating student’s family experienced some sort of homelessness.
(F) The age of the participating student at the beginning of the loan term.
(G) The gender with which the participating student identifies.
(2) The total number of students who graduated after participating in the program, and disaggregated based on the characteristics identified in subparagraphs (A) to (G), inclusive, of paragraph (1).
(3) The total number of students who retained housing after participating in the program, and disaggregated based on the characteristics identified in subparagraphs (A) to (G), inclusive, of paragraph (1).
(j) Each campus that participates in the program shall receive funding upon the enactment of an appropriation for purposes of this article.
 This article shall become inoperative on July 1, 2022, and, as of January 1, 2023, is repealed.