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AB-2434 Strategic Growth Council: Health in All Policies Program.(2017-2018)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 75131 is added to the Public Resources Code, to read:

 The Health in All Policies (HiAP) Program is hereby established, to be administered by the council, for the purposes of incorporating health, equity, and sustainability considerations into decision-making across sectors and policy areas. The council, in collaboration with the State Department of Public Health, shall have the program do all of the following:
(a) Improve health and equity in California while advancing the council’s goals of improving air and water quality, protecting natural resources and agricultural lands, increasing the availability of affordable housing, improving infrastructure systems, promoting public health, planning resilient sustainable communities, and meeting the state’s climate change goals.
(b) Incorporate health and equity into decisionmaking processes pursuant to state priorities and through grants, program administration, and operations, including providing technical assistance on data use, measurement tools, and other assistance, as appropriate.
(c) Coordinate public health and equity efforts across government agencies, including gathering best practices, facilitating collaborative problem solving for shared challenges and barriers, and collaborating with existing council working groups to identify priority programs, policies, and strategies that promote health and equity.
(d) Allow for regular public input through workshops and other means to receive feedback and information from local community partners and present information about the program’s goals and actions.
(e) (1) Develop, by October 1, 2019, and consistent with subdivision (d), a report of recommendations for programs, policies, and practices that state agencies can undertake to advance health, equity, and the goals established in subdivision (a). This report shall also include a summary of the accomplishments of the Health in All Policies Task Force in the period since it was established pursuant to Executive Order S-04-10, and contain both of the following:
(A) An outline of all activities undertaken by the task force, including the outcome of each activity.
(B) An accounting of the expenditures, including administrative expenses, for each activity undertaken by the task force.
(2) The council, not less than once every three years, shall publish an updated report on its Internet Web site outlining progress toward the recommendations of the previous report as well as updated recommendations consistent with the feedback and information received pursuant to subdivision (e).
(f) This section shall remain in effect only until January 1, 2024, and as of that date is repealed.