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SB-786 Adult education: Adult Education Block Grant Program: joint powers authorities.(2015-2016)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 84908.5 is added to the Education Code, to read:

 Notwithstanding Sections 84907 and 84908:
(a) Upon request of a joint powers authority consisting of community college districts, school districts, or county offices of education, or a combination of these, the chancellor and Superintendent shall certify the amount of state funds expended by the joint powers authority for adult career technical education in the 2012–13 fiscal year pursuant to paragraph (7) of subdivision (a) of Section 42238.03.
(b) If the amount certified pursuant to subdivision (a) equals or exceeds 40 percent of the joint powers authority’s total state funding received in the 2012–13 fiscal year, the joint powers authority shall be deemed to have expended state funds for adult education for the purposes of this article.
(c) The chancellor and Superintendent shall apportion funds from Item 6870-201-0001 of the Budget Act of 2015 directly to the joint powers authority equal to the amount certified pursuant to subdivision (a). As a condition of receipt of an apportionment, the joint powers authority is required to be a member of a consortium.
SEC. 2.
 This act is an urgency statute necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety within the meaning of Article IV of the Constitution and shall go into immediate effect. The facts constituting the necessity are:
In order to enable any joint powers authority participating in an adult education consortium to comply with the current year statutory deadlines that must be met for purposes of establishing the joint powers authority’s maintenance of effort level, it is necessary that this act take effect immediately.