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SB-1457 Pupil instruction: excused absences: religious or moral instruction.(2015-2016)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 46014 of the Education Code is amended to read:

 Pupils, (a)  A pupil,  with the written consent of their parents or guardians,  his or her parent or guardian,  may be excused from school in order to participate in religious exercises or to receive moral and religious instruction at their respective places of worship or at other suitable place or places away from school property designated by the religious group, church, or denomination, which shall be in addition and supplementary to the instruction in manners and morals required elsewhere in this code. Such absence  An absence for these purposes  shall not be deemed absence in computing average daily attendance, if all of the following conditions are complied with:
(a) (1)  The governing board of the school  district of attendance, in its discretion, shall  first adopt adopts  a resolution permitting pupils  a pupil  to be absent from school for such the  exercises or instruction.
(b) (2)  The governing board shall adopt  of the school district adopts  regulations governing the attendance of pupils at such the  exercises or instruction and the reporting thereof.
(c) (3)  Each pupil so excused shall attend  The pupil attends  school at least the minimum school day  schoolday  for his grade for elementary schools, and as provided by the relevant provisions of the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education  state board  for secondary schools.
(4) The pupil, if in kindergarten or in grade 1 to 8, inclusive, attends the exercises or instruction for no more than two hours per school week.
(d) (5)  No pupil shall be excused from school for such purpose on more than four days per school month. The pupil, if in grade 9 to 12, inclusive, attends the exercises or instruction for no more than the number of hours required to complete one course at that pupil’s school. 
(b)  It is hereby declared to be the intent of the Legislature that this section shall be permissive only.