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AB-2722 Transformative Climate Communities Program.(2015-2016)

As Amends the Law Today
As Amends the Law on Nov 22, 2016


 Part 4 (commencing with Section 75240) is added to Division 44 of the Public Resources Code, to read:

PART 4. Transformative Climate Communities Program

 The Transformative Climate Communities Program is hereby created, to be administered by the Strategic Growth Council. The program shall fund the development and implementation of neighborhood-level transformative climate community plans that include multiple, coordinated greenhouse gas emissions reduction projects that provide local economic, environmental, and health benefits to disadvantaged communities, as described in Section 39711 of the Health and Safety Code. By making such comprehensive public investments, it is the intent of the Legislature that private resources can be more effectively catalyzed to support innovative community and climate transformation in disadvantaged communities.
 (a) The council shall award competitive grants to eligible entities through an application process. An eligible entity, including, but not limited to, a nonprofit organization, a community-based organization, a faith-based organization, a coalition or association of nonprofit organizations, a community development finance institution, a community development corporation, a local agency, a joint powers authority, or a tribal government, shall demonstrate multistakeholder partnerships with local agencies, community-based organizations, labor groups, workforce investment boards, and other stakeholders, as appropriate. The council shall award grants for projects that demonstrate community engagement in all phases.
(b) (1) In awarding grants, the council shall make grant selections for plan development contingent on the implementation of one or more projects identified by the plan.
(2) In awarding grants, the council may give priority to plans and projects that cover areas that have a high proportion of census tracks identified as disadvantaged communities and that focus on communities that are most disadvantaged.
(3) The council may award a grant over multiple years.
(c) In order to be eligible for funding under the program, a plan, and a project that implements a plan, shall demonstrate that it will achieve a reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases.
(d) The California Environmental Protection Agency shall provide assistance in performing outreach to disadvantaged communities and assessing the environmental justice benefits of project awards.
(e) Projects shall maximize climate, public health, environmental, workforce, and economic benefits.
 (a) The council and all funded entities shall endeavor to identify additional public and private sources of funding to sustain and expand the program.
(b) The council shall fund technical assistance providers to assist in application development and project development and implementation.
 (a) Before awarding funds under the program, the council shall develop guidelines and selection criteria for plan development and implementation of the program.
(b) In adopting guidelines and selection criteria, the council shall consider comments, if any, from local governments, regional agencies, and other stakeholders. The council shall conduct outreach to disadvantaged communities to encourage comments on the draft guidelines and selection criteria from those communities.
(c) In adopting the guidelines, the council shall consider whether eligible plans and projects avoid economic displacement of low-income disadvantaged community residents and businesses.