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AB-240 Department of Parks and Recreation: free day use entry.(2015-2016)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 5011.5 of the Public Resources Code is amended to read:

 (a) A veteran of a war in which the United States has been, or may be engaged, who is a resident of this state, upon presentation to the department of proof of disability, proof of being held captive as a prisoner of war, or proof of being a recipient of a Congressional Medal of Honor, and proof of an honorable discharge from service, upon application therefor, shall be issued a pass entitling the bearer to the use of all facilities, including boat launching facilities, in units of the state park system.
(b) A vehicle that has been issued license plates by the Department of Motor Vehicles pursuant to Section 5101.3, 5101.4, 5101.5, 5101.6, 5101.8, or subdivision (d) of Section 5156 of the Vehicle Code, and that has currently valid vehicle registration shall be allowed free day use entry to all units of the state park system.
(b) (c)  As used in this section:
(1) “Veteran” means a former member of the Armed Forces of the United States who has a 50 percent or greater service-connected disability, or who was held as a prisoner of war by forces hostile to the United States, as certified by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and who was honorably discharged from service.
(2) “War” means that period of time commencing when Congress declares war or when the Armed Forces of the United States are engaged in active military operations against a foreign power, whether or not war has been formally declared, and ending upon the termination of hostilities as proclaimed by the President of the United States.