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We hope you find this site useful and encourage you to post comments on our feedback page. Please also include your feedback regarding the enhancements you would like to see added to the site.
Features Released August 2013

  1. Durable URLs - By popular demand, the site now provides "durable URLs" (also known as "permalinks") within Bill Text and the Sections/Articles with the California Codes and Constitution.
  2. Tracking by Keyword - If you need an easy way to be notified when bills impacting a particular subject are introduced or amended, the "Keyword Tracking" feature can assist you. Once you have specified a keyword to track ("water," "fisheries," etc.), you will automatically be subscribed to bills containing the keyword when bills are introduced or are amended. For bills that have already been introduced or amended prior to your keyword tracking request, you will need to subscribe to each bill individually. Once you are subscribed to the bill, you will receive email notifications based upon the subscription preferences you have specified.
  3. PDF versions of Bill Text - Starting with the 2013-2014 legislative session, PDF versions of Bill Text are now available. After clicking on the Bill Text tab for a bill within the current session, you will see a "PDF" link. Select the PDF link to display a version of the Bill Text which contains page and line numbers.
  4. "My Favorites" - Quickly access bills and codes by bookmarking and storing them in folders that you name, eliminating the need to perform repeated searches.
  5. Compare Bill Versions - This feature allows you to quickly identify the changes between 2 versions of the same bill. After selecting a bill, click on "Compare Versions" and select the version you wish to compare. The system will immediately display the changes between the two bill versions. The proposed text additions are displayed in blue italics and the proposed deletions are displayed in red strikeout.
  6. FAQ Page - Based on your inquiries, we have created a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs).
California Agency Reports - This website lists all reports required by statute to be prepared and filed by state and local agencies with the Legislature or Governor.