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Code of Civil Procedure - CCP

PART 2. OF CIVIL ACTIONS [307 - 1062.20]

  ( Part 2 enacted 1872. )


  ( Title 9 repealed and added by Stats. 1982, Ch. 1364, Sec. 2. )


  ( Division 2 added by Stats. 1982, Ch. 1364, Sec. 2. )

CHAPTER 3. Execution [699.010 - 701.830]

  ( Chapter 3 added by Stats. 1982, Ch. 1364, Sec. 2. )

ARTICLE 3. Property Subject to Execution [699.710 - 699.720]
  ( Article 3 added by Stats. 1982, Ch. 1364, Sec. 2. )


Except as otherwise provided by law, all property that is subject to enforcement of a money judgment pursuant to Article 1 (commencing with Section 695.010) of Chapter 1 is subject to levy under a writ of execution to satisfy a money judgment.

(Added by Stats. 1982, Ch. 1364, Sec. 2. Operative July 1, 1983, by Sec. 3 of Ch. 1364.)


(a) The following types of property are not subject to execution:

(1) An alcoholic beverage license that is transferable under Article 5 (commencing with Section 24070) of Chapter 6 of Division 9 of the Business and Professions Code.

(2) The interest of a partner in a partnership or member in a limited liability company if the partnership or the limited liability company is not a judgment debtor.

(3) A cause of action that is the subject of a pending action or special proceeding.

(4) A judgment in favor of the judgment debtor prior to the expiration of the time for appeal from the judgment or, if an appeal is filed, prior to the final determination of the appeal.

(5) A debt (other than earnings) owing and unpaid by a public entity.

(6) The loan value of an unmatured life insurance, endowment, or annuity policy.

(7) A franchise granted by a public entity and all the rights and privileges of the franchise.

(8) The interest of a trust beneficiary.

(9) A contingent remainder, executory interest, or other interest in property that is not vested.

(10) Property in a guardianship or conservatorship estate.

(b) Nothing in subdivision (a) affects or limits the right of the judgment creditor to apply property to the satisfaction of a money judgment pursuant to any applicable procedure other than execution.

(Amended by Stats. 1996, Ch. 57, Sec. 1. Effective June 6, 1996.)

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