Code Section

Business and Professions Code - BPC


  ( Division 8 added by Stats. 1941, Ch. 44. )

CHAPTER 21. Ticket Sellers [22500 - 22511]
  ( Chapter 21 added by Stats. 1986, Ch. 378, Sec. 1. )


(a) A ticket seller shall have a permanent business address from which tickets may only be sold and that address shall be included in any advertisement or solicitation, and shall be duly licensed as may be required by any local jurisdiction.

(b) A violation of this section shall constitute a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding six months, or by fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500), or by both.

(c) Any person who engages, has engaged, or proposes to engage in a violation of this section shall be liable for a civil penalty not to exceed two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) for each violation, which may be assessed and recovered in a civil action brought in the name of the people of the State of California by the Attorney General, or a district attorney, or a city attorney of a city having a population in excess of 750,000, and, with the consent of the district attorney, by a city prosecutor in any city, county, or city and county having a full-time prosecutor in any court of competent jurisdiction. Payment of the civil penalty shall be made pursuant to the provisions of subdivision (b) of Section 17206. For the purposes of this section, each ticket sold or offered for sale in violation of this section shall constitute a separate violation. The remedies provided by this section are cumulative to each other and to the remedies or penalties available under all other laws of this state.

(Amended by Stats. 1994, Ch. 1132, Sec. 1. Effective September 30, 1994.)