Code Section

Government Code - GOV

TITLE 7. PLANNING AND LAND USE [65000 - 66499.58]

  ( Heading of Title 7 amended by Stats. 1974, Ch. 1536. )


  ( Heading of Division 1 added by Stats. 1974, Ch. 1536. )

CHAPTER 2.7. Public Hearings [65090 - 65096]
  ( Chapter 2.7 added by Stats. 1984, Ch. 1009, Sec. 2. )


(a) When a provision of this title requires notice of a public hearing to be given pursuant to this section, notice shall be published pursuant to Section 6061 in at least one newspaper of general circulation within the jurisdiction of the local agency which is conducting the proceeding at least 10 days prior to the hearing, or if there is no such newspaper of general circulation, the notice shall be posted at least 10 days prior to the hearing in at least three public places within the jurisdiction of the local agency.

(b) The notice shall include the information specified in Section 65094.

(c) In addition to the notice required by this section, a local agency may give notice of the hearing in any other manner it deems necessary or desirable.

(d) Whenever a local agency considers the adoption or amendment of policies or ordinances affecting drive-through facilities, the local agency shall incorporate, where necessary, notice procedures to the blind, aged, and disabled communities in order to facilitate their participation. The Legislature finds that access restrictions to commercial establishments affecting the blind, aged, or disabled is a critical statewide problem; therefore, this subdivision shall be applicable to charter cities.

(Amended by Stats. 2000, Ch. 785, Sec. 1. Effective January 1, 2001.)