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SB-1514 School finance: retirement benefit liabilities.(2005-2006)

Date Result Location Ayes Noes NVR Motion
05/08/06 (PASS) Sen Appropriations 13 0 0 placed on appropriations suspense file.
  Ayes: Aanestad, Alarcon, Alquist, Ashburn, Battin, Dutton, Escutia, Florez, Murray, Ortiz, Poochigian, Romero, Torlakson
  No Votes Recorded:
04/27/06 (PASS) Sen Education 10 0 1 Do pass, but re-refer to the Committee on Appropriations.
  Ayes: Alquist, Denham, Lowenthal, Maldonado, Romero, Scott, Simitian, Soto, Speier, Torlakson
  No Votes Recorded: Morrow